Walters and Ross discuss Wolverine.

Dr. Jennifer Walters was a scientist who worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. performing Super-Soldier research and development. Dr. Walters was working with the Hulk serum, producing a version of it which would transform the subject without inducing Hulk-like rage.

Walters demonstrates her version of the Serum.

Betty Ross learned about this serum and stole it by convincing General Fury that Dr. Walters was seeking to sell the super-soldier serum to the Chinese. As Betty took a SHIELD jet to Tibet, Fury and his men discovered that Jennifer was instead secretly acquiring a copy of the new Star Trek film a month early. Fury angrily ordered the crew of the jet to take Betty down, but not before she injected herself with the serum and underwent a graphic and arousing transformation into a female Hulk.[1]

Jennifer flirts with Wolverine.


None known


Jennifer is a gifted scientist

Strength level

Normal human female


None known

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