Quote1.png Today I'm the Judge, Jury, and Executioner! Quote2.png
-- She-Hulk


She-Hulk as a stone statue

At some point during Thanos' attempt to seize the Infinity Gems, She-Hulk attempted to fight him, but was defeated and turned to stone. She was restored when Thanos had been defeated.[citation needed]

Much later, she helped fight Galatus when he attempted to consume the two merging worlds.[1]

After Galatus' defeat, she became the judge of her own court TV show called "Jen's Justice," with both Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth as defendant and prosecutor respectively. Before she delivers her verdict, she accidentally smashes the judge's stand with a slight tap of the gavel, leaving both lawyers panicking and hugging each other out of fear with She-Hulk telling the Bailiff that she "did it again."[1]


Seemingly those of Jennifer Walters (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly those of Jennifer Walters (Earth-616)#Abilities.

  • She seems to break the "fourth wall" during her winning pose as she poses and looks directly to the "cameraman" and gives a flirty thumbs up. This may is a reference to her older comics where She-Hulk frequently broke the fourth wall before the creation of Deadpool. When she defeats Deadpool, she makes reference to this, noting that if the game were made in 1991, she would be the one that hits people with a health bar, rather than him.
  • In Marvel vs Capcom 3, She-Hulk is voiced by María Canals Barrera. She is currently known for her portrayal of Theresa Russo, the mother in Disney's TV show "Wizards of Waverly Place", as well as her past work of voicing Hawkgirl in the Justice League series.
  • When switching out with Hulk in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, she yells, "Bruce!" with Hulk likewise yelling, "Jen!", showing their relationship as cousins through referring to each other on a first name basis. (which may hint that the Hulk is in his "Green Scar / Worldbreaker" persona rather than the Savage persona, but it is known that the Savage Hulk persona has enough intelligence to call people by "nicknames").
  • She-Hulk also seems to be aware of Phoenix Wright's popularity and gets offended at some remarks, as one of her win quotes says that "Someone once called me 'Phoenix Wright with muscles', I called them an ambulance."
  • Phoenix Wright calls her "Ms. Walters" because she and Wright are lawyers.
  • While her first playable appearence wasn't until 2011 with the release of Marvel vs Capcom 3, She-Hulk can be seen frozen as stone in the background of Thanos' stage in Marvel Super Heroes

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