Jennifer Walters is an American lawyer who, after being shot by a mobster, was saved by a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner (aka the "Hulk").[26][19] Banner's gamma-irradiated blood mutated Jennifer Walters into the sensational She-Hulk, and kicked off her adventuring career.[18]

Quote1.png I never wanted this to happen, but now you have to learn the other part of being a Hulk. The part where the people you fight to protect sometimes fear and hate you. And it's the hardest part because sometimes to protect what you love, you have to walk away from it. Quote2.png
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Early Life

Jennifer Walters was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She was the daughter of Sheriff Morris Walters and Elaine Banner-Walters. Growing up she was meek and mousy and had little confidence. Jen later attended UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) where she gained her law degree. She began working as a lawyer in Los Angeles.

Jen was also the cousin of Bruce Banner,[19] whose house Jen used to visit during the summers of her childhood. To help him escape from his father's abuse, Jennifer and Bruce would spend hours in a public library, reading books to each other and sometimes hiding at closing time to spend the night.[27]

Blood Transfusion

Agents of Nicholas Trask, a crime boss who had crossed paths with Jen's father, shot and seriously wounded her on a day when her cousin Bruce was in town. She had been defending a gangster who had been double-crossed by Trask and offered to turn state's evidence, which would be sufficient to ruin Trask if the case went to trial. Bruce fended off the attackers and then broke into a doctor's office to treat her. Realizing Jennifer was going to die, Bruce gave her a transfusion of his own blood as there were no other supplies in such an emergency.

Jennifer Walters (Earth-616) from Savage She-Hulk Vol 1 1.jpg

After she stabilized, he had her admitted to a local hospital. However, this came to the attention of the police, who considered Bruce a suspect in Jennifer's attack and Bruce changed into the Hulk to flee. Meanwhile, Trask's thugs attempted a second hit on Jennifer, causing the danger to activate gamma radiation particles in the transfused blood, turning her skin green and increasing her size to well over six feet. The goons were taken aback at what happened, and commented "it's some kinda she-hulk". Jennifer's voice boomed out "You called me a She-Hulk, so that's what I'll be," and trapped the thugs for the police to find. With the emergency over, she reverted to her normal size and strength.[19]


Although Jennifer was at first savage while in her She-Hulk form, she eventually gained the same intelligence that she had as the normal Jennifer Walters. She quickly came to appreciate the confidence and assertiveness that came with being the She-Hulk. For a long time, she felt more comfortable in her She-Hulk form than her human one. Trask paid off a local trucker to keep quiet about a shipment coming in from Stark Industries containing advanced technology. He had the trucker killed as well as the men turning state's evidence, laying the blame on the She-Hulk. He tried to kill Jen again but ended up killing Jill Ridge. The contents of the crates were revealed to be robotic parts to which he built a "She-Hulk Robot," but she was able to destroy it.[28] Trask abducted Sheriff Walters, giving him more advanced weaponry from Stark Industries to kill the She-Hulk, keeping him ignorant that she was his daughter. Trask even rigged it so it would explode killing them both.

Jennifer Walters (Earth-616) from Immortal She-Hulk Vol 1 1 001.jpg

She-Hulk spotted the flaw and saved herself and her father.[29] Trask next constructed a massive earth-boring device called the "Silver Serpent" using the Stark tech. He planned to drain Roxxon Oil dry, allowing him to buy out the company. She-Hulk investigated and discovered the machine, but during the fight the drill continued to bore deep and deep in the Earth burying Trask alive.[30]


After a brief solo career (during which she met Hellcat),[31]Jen joined the Avengers.[32] This led to her being transported to Battleworld by the Beyonder and her participation in the first Secret Wars, most notable to her for sparking a long-standing rivalry with the newly empowered Titania.

Fantastic Four

She temporarily replaced the Thing in the Fantastic Four after the war on Battleworld.[33] She-Hulk was granted detached membership status with the Avengers upon joining the FF.[34]

During her tenure with the Fantastic Four, the She-Hulk had to prevent a radiation leak in a downed S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. This radiation exposure apparently mutated Jennifer to the point that she could not transform back into her original form. But this was an agreeable turn of events for her since she preferred her She-Hulk form anyway.[35] Shortly after that, she appeared before the Supreme Court, where she battled Titania.[36]

Rejoining the Avengers

After the Fantastic Four, She-Hulk rejoined the Avengers following the Masters of Evil's attack on the mansion.[37] During this tenure with the team, She-Hulk and the other members were influenced by Doctor Druid and his lover, Nebula, to appoint him chairman of the team.[38] After Druid and Nebula were lost in space-time, She-Hulk and the two remaining members disbanded the team for a time.[39] Jen eventually returned to the group after Captain America restarted the Avengers.[40]

She-Hulk joined the staff of District Attorney Blake Tower, where she met Louise "Weezi" Mason, formerly the Golden Age superheroine called the Blonde Phantom; during this period, she discovered that Mason had manipulated Towers into hiring She-Hulk so that Mason could again star in a comic book and thus avoid dying of old age. Mason's husband, also a former comic book character, had passed away three years ago, but other, more popular characters from the era, such as Captain America and Namor the Sub-Mariner, were still around.[41]

Fantastic Force

She-Hulk was a member of the short lived hero group the Fantastic Force.[42]

Heroes for Hire

Later, while doing some legal work for Heroes for Hire, she also went on a few adventures with them and spent some time dating Luke Cage.[43]

Back With the Avengers

Eventually, Jen returned to the Avengers and remained with the team for some time.[44] On one adventure, the She-Hulk was exposed to fellow Avenger Jack of Hearts' radiation powers, causing Jen to lose control of the savage side of her personality. She injured several Avengers and went berserk in Bone, Idaho, virtually destroying the whole town. With Jen's fear and rage at an all-time high the assembled Avengers couldn't stop her. Only the Hulk himself was able to slow her down until Jack of Hearts was able to use his powers to balance her gamma levels and she regained control over her savage side.[45]

Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway

Jennifer Walters as a Lawyer

Jennifer's Avengers status eventually conflicted with her work at the DA's office, and Tower let her go. She was hired as a lawyer for the Superhuman Law division of the New York firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway.[46] While training for a bout against the Elder of the Universe known as the Champion, Jen increased her strength level phenomenally. She took to wearing a modified version of John Jameson's Jupiter Suit to keep her strength under control.[47]

Jen thought she developed enough control to operate without the Jupiter suit, but her worst fear came true when Scarlet Witch went temporarily insane and used her magic to cause Jen to lose control again. This time, she nearly killed Captain America and tore the Vision in half with her bare hands.[48]

Although she had been manipulated, She-Hulk was devastated at her part in the Vision's death and the destruction of the town of Bone, Idaho. Ashamed, She-Hulk quit the Avengers to resume her law career and spend more time as plain Jennifer Walters.[49]

Civil War

During Civil War, she was able to change forms at will again. Jennifer rediscovered she sometimes had wildly different views and opinions in each form, where as the She-Hulk she came out publicly in favor of the Superhuman Registration Act, as Jennifer Walters she understood the views of those against the Act.[50] Before the war really started, Jen and John Jameson, who she met when he was the Wolf-Man, precipitously eloped in Las Vegas.[51] This relationship did not last long as she later learned that Starfox, whose mind had been damaged by his brother Thanos thus affecting his powers, had made Jennifer love John as he loved her[52] which led her to seek an annulment.[53]

For a short time the Registration Act was used to have Jennifer be an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and work alongside the Hulkbusters while her cousin Bruce was 'missing'. During this time she was under the command of Clay Quartermain, whom she also slept with, and was ordered to fight the Abomination in Reno.[54] Jennifer also fought a Wendigo alongside Wolverine who she hit on, though he was uninterested as he believed she had slept with Juggernaut.[55] Jennifer and the Hulkbusters went on to capture many of the Hulk's rogues gallery for a S.H.I.E.L.D. operation known as 'Project Achilles', including Zzzax who escaped and began influencing the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier's systems while Jennifer was in bed with the current director Tony Stark, leading her to fight an army of Nick Fury LMD's in her underwear.[56]


She-Hulk discovered that S.H.I.E.L.D. knew of her cousin's whereabouts after sending him off into space and went to confront Stark, leading to a fight where she compared him to Doctor Doom and he injected her with S.P.I.N. Tech, the second phase of Project Achilles, that inhibited her powers and knocker her out while turning her back into her human form.[2] During World War Hulk, Amadeus Cho temporarily restored her powers and she defeated Doc Samson in battle. Later Tony Stark temporarily restored her powers so she could help evacuate New York City. She tried to convince the Hulk to stop his attack, but she was defeated and held captive with the other heroes at Madison Square Garden, which the Hulk had converted into a gladiatorial arena.[57]

Stark then turned her powers back off.[53] Jennifer then regained her powers after having the nanites in her system removed by Reed Richards, using a device designed to let people from Earth A have their atoms realigned with their superpowered Earth-616 counterparts.[58]

Bounty Hunter

After having her powers returned to her, Walters began operating as She-Hulk again. During this time she was disbarred from her position as a lawyer[59] and began working freelance for Freeman Bonding Inc, a subsidiary of her law firm, as a licensed bounty hunter alongside the daughter of the Super-Skrull Kl'rt known as Jazina. Walters was tasked with bringing in the cousin of the Absorbing Man Carl Creel, Rocky Davis, after he skipped on his bail and had to fight the Absorbing Man who Rocky was hiding out with. During the fight Creel's miniaturised wife Titania slipped into She-Hulk's ear to attack her from the inside while the fight spread to a nearby mall. She-Hulk managed to get the upper hand in the fight again when a blow from Absorbing Man's Ball and Chain knocked Titania out of her ear and She-Hulk was able to defeat Creel with help from Jazinda who was posing as 'Jennifer Walters'.[60]

At this time Jennifer and Jazinda were both living in RV's parked in Dona Little's Trailer Park. After getting paid for bringing in Rocky Davis, She-Hulk went for a drink at a bar where she was approached by Bran Murphy, a man she had never met before who charmed her before detonating a bomb in an office building across the street. She-Hulk and Jazinda tracked the bomber to Cleveland, Ohio. On their way, while driving through the nation park of Allentown, Pennsylvania, they were seemingly attacked by a spaceship though they quickly learned that the occupant, Cazon an alien Froma from the gamma irradiated planet Chize had mistook She-Hulk for one of his people and was seeking their help. She-Hulk did not want to help him as had given up on being an altruistic hero, though she did intervene when Cazon was attacked by a Badoon. Cazon turned out to be a mass murderer who attempted to kill Jazinda after murdering a civilian woman, after a brief battle with the Badoon bounty hunter who was after Cazon, She-Hulk helped him to capture the killer although Jazinda then killed him herself.[61]

She-Hulk and Jazinda carried on their way to Ohio in search of Bran Murphy but had to turn around and go back to Allentown, after Larry Ryan the husband of the woman murdered by Cazon was arrested on suspicion of killing her. She-Hulk hoped to explain the situation and get Larry out of jail but was herself arrested when the Allentown Police Department misunderstood and believed she was breaking him out, after she accidentally damaged his cell. Jennifer called and begged Mallory Book to represent Larry, who she was able to prove to the court was innocent after calling Tony Stark in to testify that Ryan's wife truly had been murdered by an alien.[59] She-Hulk and Jazinda finally tracked Bran down to Cleveland, where she wound up arrested again after confronting Bran at the Cleveland Browns Stadium where Bran was serving as a bodyguard for Arthur Moore, who had a restraining order against She-Hulk and who was the man who got her disbarred and who had been with Bran for the past week when She-Hulk saw him in New York with a different accent and tattoo.[62]

She-Hulk then revealed to her cellmate Monique, a woman who was arrested for beating a man who tried to sell her seven year old daughter heroin, what had led to these events including why she was operating as a bounty hunter rather than a lawyer. She-Hulk had been hired to represent Arthur Moore while working for GLK&B after she regained her powers. Moore had used his talismans to rob first national bank as well as charges for animal cruelty and was suspected of being involved in local cases of missing children. She-Hulk successfully argued Moore out of the charges, after which Moore used his magic to show both She-Hulk and Mallory Book an illusion that he was indeed guilty and had ritualistically sacrificed the local missing children after turning them into animals, as this information was provided to them under attorney/client privilege they were unable to do anything with what they then knew. Moore had been purposefully goading She-Hulk so as to get her to attack him so that he could 'destroy her' by getting her disbarred, which happened after she revealed to reporters who witnessed the fight what she knew of Moore's crimes. The children were then found prisoner in a cabin in upstate New York, Moore having used the illusion solely to provoke She-Hulk.[63]

She-Hulk was released from jail and the charges were dropped against her after Moore was murdered and the District Attorney's office wanted her help, she agreed to help them on the condition that Monique also be released with her charges dropped. She soon learned that Moore's murder was not the only reason she had been released, a giant sized Bran Murphy was also being chased through the city of Cleveland by an enraged Hercules who was a wanted man at the time. She-Hulk learned that Bran had been playing host for Bendigeidfran 'Bran' the Blessed, a Celtic god who Hercules stopped via decapitation. She-Hulk then broke her personal vow to refrain from playing 'sexual pinball' by sleeping with Hercules.[64]

Secret Invasion

Jazinda clued Jennifer in to the fact that Skrulls were hiding on Earth and that their Secret Invasion was imminent, together they began tracking Nogor the Talisman, a Skrull representing the Skrull Gods who was impersonating Longshot, and who Jazinda had sensed the presence of as all Skrulls could.[65] This investigation led them to Detroit, Michigan where the Skrull was travelling with Armando Muñoz, the mutant known as Darwin, who was unaware that his companion was a Skrull and who interfered when Jazinda attempted to apprehend Nogor when he recognised her and tried to run. X-Factor Investigations were headquartered in Detroit at the time and became aware of these events, leading one of their members, Monet St. Croix, to fight Jazinda and She-Hulk.[66]

Monet made an attempt to diffuse the situation and work to understand what was going on, but She-Hulk preferred to fight, partly to allow Jazinda to continue after the disguised Nogor. She-Hulk was able to hold her own against Monet until one of Monet's X-Factor teammates, Guido Carosella, arrived to aid her. While this fight was happening, Jazinda managed to catch up Nogor, whose safety was paramount to the Skrull Army maintaining their moral and belief that their actions were righteous. Darwin attempted to defend Nogor, who he still believed to be Longshot, causing a blast from Jazinda's gun to ricochet off of his body and into her. Meanwhile, She-Hulk had defeated her opponents but was then accosted by Jamie Madrox, who used his duplicating power to give her an entire mob to fight against. While She-Hulk was being kept busy Monet located 'Longshot' and Darwin, telepathically scanning 'Longshot' and finding nothing to suggest he might be a Skrull, though Darwin's powers revealed him moments later.[65]

She-Hulk was able to defeat Madrox and contact Jazinda, whom she learned was still on Nogor's trail. She-Hulk and Jazinda then teamed up with X-Factor to fight the exposed Nogor, who was trying to recruit Darwin to the Skrulls side. While Nogor was distracted by Darwin, She-Hulk was able to hit him which gave Jazinda a chance to place a device on him to nullify his powers.[67] Jazinda and She-Hulk were transporting Nogor through Minneapolis, the two of them wanted to use Nogor to try and stop the Skrulls but were unsure of who they could trust on Earth, while discussing their options they spotted a Skrull ship transporting humans, which She-Hulk took down. After liberating a smaller vessel from the Skrull ship they were met by Jazinda's father Kl'rt the original Super-Skrull who had Jazinda down to kill her as he had promised, unaware that she was travelling with She-Hulk who defended her when Kl'rt attacked. During the ensuing fight, She-Hulk and Kl'rt were thrown from the vehicle while Nogor got free and attacked Jazinda.[68]

During the ensuing battles between the four, the Super-Skrull killed his daughter but decided to prevent Nogor from removing the Gem from her body to prevent her resurrection, after She-Hulk talked some sense into him, before throwing Nogor some distance away and leaving before Jazinda could return to life.[69]

Red Hulk Saga

Jennifer tasked Ben Urich to discover the identity of the Red Hulk. While She-Hulk went M.I.A. following a battle between the Hulk and the Red Hulk, a Red She-Hulk appeared claiming Jennifer Walters was dead. It was later shown in a flashback that Red She-Hulk prevented Jennifer Walters from escaping from AIM custody. During this battle, Red She-Hulk brutally beat Jennifer and snapped her neck with a cable. Though the Red She-Hulk claimed she didn't know her own strength and questioned Doc Samson whether it was the real She-Hulk or a Life-Model Decoy, to which Samson answered "You're here to follow orders, not to ask questions". Lyra later infiltrated the Intelligencia, where she found Jennifer in stasis.[70][71]


After the defeat of the Intelligencia, Jennifer took Lyra to live with her in New York.[72] During a charity event, she spotted the newly-rebuilt Vision and promptly sought to make amends with him due to her being driven to her primal Hulk state and tearing him in half as part of one of the times Wanda lost her grip on her sanity and control of her powers. They had a brief conversation, where she expressed her regret for what happened, and Vision forgave her. She then told him not to get mad at Wanda before leaving.[73]

Fearsome Four

Fearsome Four

During Fear Itself, Jen formed a team called the Fearsome Four with Howard the Duck, Frankenstein's Monster, and Nighthawk to stop the Man-Thing who found himself driven to an uncontrollable rage, caused by the immense levels of fear generated by the Serpent's hammer-wielders across the globe.[74] Facing various alternate universe heroes and the Psycho-Man, brought to Earth by the Man-Thing's connection to the Nexus of All Realities,[75] the four were eventually able to confront their own fears and calm the Man-Thing, bringing an end to his rampage and saving the world before going their separate ways.[76]

Avengers vs. X-Men

Jennifer sided with the Avengers in the conflict against the X-Men and was sent to keep an eye on the Jean Grey School together with Moon Knight and Falcon after some of the school's teachers decided to join Cyclops. A fight soon broke out as Frenzy goaded Moon Knight. Jennifer seriously injured some kids who tried to attacked her which led to the rest of the school's faculty attacking them as well.[77]

Future Foundation

When the original Fantastic Four planned a trip through time and space, they decided to call four replacements just in case something would happen. The Thing's replacement was Jen, and the four original members indeed got lost in their adventure.[78]

Mighty Avengers

Shortly after Luke Cage started his Mighty Avengers charity and assistance organization, Walters came on-board as house counsel and an occasional field member.[79]

She-Hulk's new suit


When Jennifer Walters first met Singularity, the pair were attacked by Antimatter, who had pursued Singularity from orbit, and engaged it in battle, however they were vastly outclassed. Queen Medusa then arrived with a large force of Inhumans and placed handcuffs on Singularity, planning to turn her over to Antimatter.[80]

After Antimatter killed an Inhuman, Medusa was convinced that delivering Singularity to him was not the best approach, and the trio engaged Antimatter in combat, but quickly found themselves still outmatched. Medusa utilized a piece of prototype Inhuman technology to teleport Antimatter near the Moon. The three of them were teleported by Singularity to Japan, accidentally crashing the wedding of Nico Minoru's cousin. They quickly explained the situation to Nico as Antimatter arrived once more, only to be temporarily banished by the magic of the Staff of One.

The rest of the women demanded that Singularity explain herself and her knowledge about Antimatter. As Singularity told them about her time in Battleworld,[81] Captain Marvel called them to discuss a plan devised by Dr. Tempest Bell to use Singularity as bait to lure the pursuing entity into being bombarded with light particles in order to find Antimatter's weakness. The women teleported to Miami to seek the aid of Dazzler. The team explained their situation to Alison and she agreed to help them.[82]

She-Hulk in an Alpha Flight space suit

After a particularly bad attack by Antimatter, at which point Nico was wounded and healed herself, Singularity transported all of them to the Alpha Flight Low-Orbit Space Station. There was a brief pause in the action before the team changed into space suits and went to fight Antimatter outside the space station. During the fight, Dazzler was hit by an energy blast, which killed her when it depressurized her space suit. Back on the A.F.S.S., Singularity blamed herself for being talked into staying behind, and asked Nico if she could resurrect Dazzler, but was told that was impossible. Saddened by the loss of life, Singularity then teleported to the Blue Area of the Moon alone, in order to confront Antimatter once and for all.[83] She-Hulk, Minoru, and Captain Marvel went to reinforce Singularity, while Medusa placed a bomb inside Antimatter. When the bomb exploded, a revived Dazzler teleported in and whisked Singularity away just in time. After Antimatter was defeated, they all went to a diner and She-Hulk asked her how she came back to life, with Dazzler stating it had happened about four times, and that she didn't entirely understand it.

When they arrived in Astoria, Oregon, to fight what appeared to be a dragon, A-Force encountered Dazzler's displaced Thor counterpart. There were some complications and Dazzler Thor contracted M-Pox, succumbing to the effects of the Terrigen Mists, but they eventually defeated the Countess.[84]

The Return of Grey She-Hulk

She-Hulk and several members of A-Force formed part of a group of heroes that intercepted the Mad Titan Thanos when he assaulted the Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. Facility in search for a Cosmic Cube. The heroes were initially at an advantage, since they had become aware of Thanos' attack before it happened due to a vision from the Inhuman precog Ulysses Cain.[85] Thanos was defeated, but not before he managed to kill War Machine and critically injured She-Hulk after the heroes had lost their initial edge.[86] Awakening in a hospital bed to find Tony Stark arguing with Carol Danvers, Jen was outraged that Stark believed they shouldn't have used Ulysses' powers and urged Carol to fight for what she believed in before dying of a heart attack.[87]

Ulysses' vision became a source of discord in the superhuman community, erupting in the second superhuman Civil War. Sent to the Below-Place, where she was traumatized by an encounter with Brian Banner,[87] Jen resurrected to the news that Hawkeye had killed Bruce Banner based on one of Ulysses' visions, and had been acquitted on trial.[88] With her cousin's death and with her body still recovering, Jen dropped out of her superhero life and became a lawyer again. Bradley was appointed as her assistant and, as soon as she got to the office, she was notified she had her first client, Maise Brewn, waiting for her. However, the stress from her fight with Thanos and the loss of her cousin caused Jen to uncontrollably transform into her Grey Hulk persona at different intervals,[89] accompanied by a substantial increase in muscle mass and a decrease in mental acuity.[90]

Grey Hulk persona

Maise was still recovering from trauma and was being evicted by her landlord, Mr. Tick, so Jennifer agreed to help her.[89] Despite Jennifer's effort, Maise grew impatient and summoned a Fear Golem that killed Mr. Tick,[91] a couple of cops,[91] and even tried to kill Jen,[92] but she transformed into her new Grey Hulk persona and defeated the golem, ultimately stopping Maise from committing suicide. In the end, Maise was arrested for reckless endangerment.[93]

Later, Jennifer was watching a live baking video on the internet when a baker named Oliver turned into a Hulk-like creature on camera.[94] Jennifer hulked out to stop said monster, nearly killing him if not for the intervention of her friend Hellcat.[95]

After fighting the new Thor[96] and having to face yet another hulk-level monster (this time, part of the Leader's plan), Jen decided to meet Florida Mayer, a best-selling author of many self help books, that had been trying to help Jen since her accident. During the session, Flo gave Jen a special pill to help her find herself and, suddenly, Jen began experiencing its effects, appearing to have become a giant floating head. After confronting her Hulk persona and Thanos in her subconscious, she regained a body and encountered Bruce, having to finally confront all her fear, rage, and insecurity. When she woke up, after saying goodbye to her cousin, she had torn Flo's room apart and was back to her green She-Hulk persona.[97]

The Final Host

When the Final Host of Dark Celestials attacked the Earth, they infected all normal Celestials with the Horde and tossed them at the planet.[98] Jennifer happened to be near the site where Eson the Searcher made landfall and the godly giant telepathically drew her to seek her help.[99] The Celestial imbued Jen with an additional dose of gamma radiation, increasing the power levels of her hulked-out self. The power-up affected Jen's transformation, making her bulkier and more "savage".[100] Walters realized she was more comfortable in her bulkier form than she had been with her previous forms, having grown increasingly disgusted and angry with how others had objectified her and not taken her seriously due to her attractive appearance. After coming to this realization, Jen dropped the "She" part of her codename and began going by just "Hulk".[1]

While assisting the Celestials, the Hulk crossed paths with a group of heroes that became the reformed Avengers following the Dark Celestials' defeat.[101] During this time, Jen became romantically infatuated with Thor Odinson.[100] The beginning of their relationship was rocky at first, with Jen initially believing that Thor had no interest in her normal self and only desired the Hulk until they had a heart-to-heart and kissed.[102]


Dead yet again

After the Avengers received a call from the Blue Area of the Moon they went to investigate it only to meet Swordsman and Quoi of the Cotati. While warning the heroes about the coming of the united Alliance, Swordsman directed the Hulk to a hidden place in their garden and[103] one of the Cotati mages used the tendrils of the ultra-strong centaurian ironwood to restrain her. This allowed the Swordsman to kill her and infest her as a sleeper agent, to infiltrate Earth's heroes.[87]

During the Empyre invasion on Earth, when the Thing, Invisible Woman, and Mantis tried to convince Quoi to give up his vendetta against non-plant based beings, the Cotati possessing She-Hulk revealed itself and attacked them.[104]

Jennifer, however, was able to return to life due to Samuel Sterns, who had figured out a way to control the Green Doors.[87] She burned the Cotati out of her system after hearing Ben Grimm state that she was still family and he wouldn't quit on her, just like she wouldn't on others. She then joined the fight against the Cotati in Wakanda, where the combined forces of Earth and Alliance finally defeated them.[105]

Jen's personality has changed over the decades: originally ill-tempered and violent, she later became a fun-loving, kind, empathetic, yet still feisty woman who frequently uses humor when fighting. Walters has made it clear that she prefers not to kill those she fights, especially if her enemies have already been rendered unable to fight.[106] Walters is also known for charitable works related to her own mistakes and actions, such as the disaster relief organization she aided after almost destroying a small town while her transformation was rampaging out of her control.[107][5]

Walters is also known as a helpful and idealistic lawyer, both within the superhero and civilian communities. She has been known for championing the rights of minorities,[36][108] various civil liberties,[36][109][110] which included a criminals right for a proper defense,[111] the rights of individuals in comparison to corporations,[112] and the rights of those suffering from mental illness.[113] As well as her idealism, Walters is also known for her staunch beliefs in the necessity of the law.[114] Walters' beliefs have sometimes led to difficulties regarding her stance on unjust laws such as the Superhuman Registration Act,[115][116] and her cousins exile to space by those she was unable to seek a lawful resolution from,[109][110] or when she lost her right to practice law after attacking a man who she had defended in court before coming to believe he was guilty of the abduction, torture and ritual sacrifice of young children.[117]

Jennifer has at times become dependent upon her powers, viewing her She-Hulk form as being better and more true to who she is, and wants to be, than that of Jennifer Walters and opting to remain transformed as much as she can.[46] This insistence on remaining as She-Hulk has caused problems in her relationships at times, such as with John Jameson who preferred her to stay as Jen.[118] She has also developed mental blocks due to stress and trauma at times which have stopped her from being able to transform into She-Hulk.[49]

However, after years of being objectified and sexually harassed as She-Hulk, Jen would come to prefer her Celestial-augmented Hulk form over her previous She-Hulk forms despite fearing she could lose control of her power. A proud feminist, she was a staunch supporter of both Captain Marvel - encouraging her to fight for her beliefs regarding the use of Ulysses Cain's powers, and commenting she would have taken Carol's side had she been able to - and of Jane Foster's tenure as Thor. She also came to loathe what she viewed as Tony Stark's ego-driven need to always be proven right, and Bruce Banner's refusal to recognize that her superhero life could be in some ways worse-off than his own; remarking that she once wished they could trade places.[1]

Power Grid[144]
Energy Projection1
Fighting Skills4


Jennifer Walters turning into She-Hulk

Gamma Mutate Physiology: As a result of a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, AKA the Hulk, Jen Walters was imbued with the power of the One Below All and became a gamma mutate with abilities similar to her cousin's.[87]

  • Physical Transformation: Jennifer Walters is able to alter her physical form into a female version of the Hulk. As She-Hulk, Walters' skin, hair, and eyes all turn green. Her frame also gains another 9 inches (~23 centimetres) in height and 560 lbs (254 kg) of muscle and bone tissue. Unlike her cousin, the Hulk, much of Jennifer's gained muscle and bone mass is condensed and several times as dense as that of a human. As a result, though she is noticeably much larger than she is in her normal form, she looks much lighter than she actually is. Also unlike the Hulk, or rather certain Hulk incarnations, Jennifer retains her full intelligence and personality in her She-Hulk form. Most of the time, Walters is able to control her transformation, enabling her to change back and forth at will. This is because she did not suffer as much psychological trauma as a child as her cousin did, and while it augments her abilities, she retains greater control than her cousin. In her original She-Hulk form, Captain America (Sam Wilson) and Tony Stark considered her to be a Beta Level Threat.[119] Jen also possesses alternate Hulk forms, such as her Grey Hulk persona that appeared following her death at Thano's hands; and her more powerful bulky form that she assumed after being augmented by Celestials.[87]
    • Superhuman Strength: As She-Hulk, she is proportionally stronger than her Jennifer Walters form. This means that any extra strength gains as Jennifer Walters through intense physical training will be amplified, making her She-Hulk form that much stronger. As a result of her intense training, She-Hulk's calm strength currently surpasses the base strength levels of the Gray, Savage, and Professor incarnations of the Hulk, at least while they're in a calm emotional state. Originally She-Hulk was listed as only "class 50" (this is only a comparison scale regarding which character is stronger than who, and should not be taken literally. For example: Thor was listed as "class 95" at the time, and Hercules at exactly 100).[120] Right after she came back from the first Secret Wars as Thing's replacement in the Fantastic Four she began to workout with Thing's weights and got her strength up to at least class 75,[121] but through her career she continued to lift even greater weights, and the uppermost limit of her potential remains unknown. After prolonged weight-lifting training, she was able to easily defeat the Champion of the Universe (while he wasn't using the Power Gem),[122] effortlessly supported the Thing's maximum weight with a single arm,[123] threw an arm-wrestling competition with Hercules to spare his feelings,[123] and effortlessly manhandled a Thanos clone.[124] She is currently listed as above "class 100" (Listed equal or stronger than Thor and Hercules).[125] It has been stated and shown that like her cousin, her strength increases with her emotions, such as fear and rage, though not to the same level that her cousin can achieve.[126] Currently, her strength is so great to the point she matched the Immortal Hulk, who took down Thor in one blow.[127] She-Hulk's leg muscles are sufficiently strong enabling her to leap capacity heights of at least 600 feet and a surface distance of at least 1,000 feet.[128]
    • Superhuman Speed: Due, at least partially, to the great muscular strength and development of her leg muscles, she is capable of running and moving at speeds that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.
    • Superhuman Stamina: She-Hulk's highly advanced musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. She can exert herself at peak capacity for about 48 hours before fatigue begins to impair her performance.
    • Superhuman Durability: In addition to her strength, She-Hulk possesses a high degree of resistance to injury. Her skin is capable of withstanding tremendous pressures, temperatures from -190 F to 3,000 F, falls from great heights, field-artillery cannon shells, and powerful energy blasts without sustaining any injury. She has also stated that her retinas can hold up against an atomic flash from a distance of two miles under normal circumstances.[128][129]
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite her body's extremely high resistance to injury, it is possible to injure her. However, she is capable of rapidly regenerating injuries that result in great tissue damage and blood loss within a matter of minutes. However, she is not capable of regenerating missing limbs or organs. She-Hulk's highly efficient metabolism renders her immune to all drugs and toxins as well as total immunity to all known Earthly diseases.
    • Gamma Shockwave: Following her Celestial augmentation, when sufficiently enraged Jen is capable of unleashing omnidirectional blasts of Gamma energy - creating explosions powerful enough to level city blocks.[1]
    • Resurrective Immortality: As with the Hulk and other Gamma empowered beings, She-Hulk is immortal and cannot permanently die.[130]
    • Body Switch: Thanks to training by the Ovoid alien race, She-Hulk can exchange her physical characteristics and powers with the physical characteristics and powers of another being by simply focusing on a mental image of the person and willing the transfer to take place. The actual intent of the Ovoid skill is to exchange the minds of the user and another being, but it was theorized by the Ovoid who trained the She-Hulk that some factor of her gamma-mutated physiology causes her use of this talent to manifest in a different way. She rarely uses this power; unless she initiates this exchange with another superhuman being, she will become basically human in ability, but still green-skinned and generally recognizable as the She-Hulk, and thus vulnerable to attack, a fact that the super-villainess Titania took advantage of the one time the She-Hulk did use this ability.

Phoenix Force: During the Enter the Phoenix tournament, Jennifer is currently empowered by the Phoenix Force.[131]


Expert Combatant: The She-Hulk is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained by Captain America and Gamora. Even in her Jennifer Walters form, she possesses sufficient skill in the martial arts to dispatch several would-be muggers much larger than she is. She is also highly trained in the use of weapons and battle tactics and strategies.

Skilled Pilot: Jennifer Walters is a good pilot, as has been shown in multiple issues of Avengers and Fantastic Four.

Expert Attorney: Extremely intelligent, the She-Hulk is a skilled and experienced lawyer. She has won many cases proving various civilians, costumed heroes, and even villains innocent.

Law Degree: Jennifer attended UCLA School of Law, where she was a member of the Order of the Coif, a national merit society for top legal scholars. Walters has also attended Harvard Law School; though details are not provided, it is probable that she earned a master of laws (LL.M.) degree at Harvard[132] to complement her juris doctor (J.D.) degree from UCLA.[46] She has shown great versatility in her legal practice, representing criminal defendants, corporations, and even domestic violence victims.[133][89]

Strength level

Varying in degree depending on her level of exercise and anger or fear level. The comparison scale lists her as a "class 100+" (although it only exists for comparisons between characters), and after prolonged weight lifting training to defeat the Champion of the Universe. She also explicitly threw an arm-wrestling match against Hercules to spare his feelings.[123] Although at this time, she had massive strength upgrade which is why she wore a special suit to contain her power, since it was out of control. However, she remains above the Class 100 limit.


Radiation: Exposure to certain wavelengths of radiation only at very high doses can sometimes temporarily inhibit or override her ability to transform between forms. This is usually only a weakness if she is exposed during her original/Jennifer form.



Usual vehicles used by the team she is with.

  • In a few occasions, when exposed to excess Gamma Radiation her body goes into an overloaded state. She has control over her body and can speak but acts on emotion only. Her overall size also doubles as she is exposed to more radiation.[136]
  • Celebrating her 100th issue (She-Hulk (Vol. 2) #3, 2006) several of the original She-Hulk artists returned, including Scott Kolins (Pages 7-9), Mike Vosburg (Pages 10-12), Mike Mayhew (Pages 19-20), and many more. All her past and present greatest moments where featured, including all her different uniforms. In addition, Savage She-Hulk #1 and Sensational She-Hulk #1 were reprinted to bring the page total to 100. As a final bonus, Jennifer breaks the 4th wall again by looking directly at the readers.
  • Walters shared her Savage title with Lyra (Hulk's genetic offspring), in the limited/back-up series "Savage She-Hulk Vol 2".

Grey She-Hulk

  • She-Hulk has a grey version of her own, just like her cousin. In this state, Jennifer loses complete control of herself, is far larger and stronger (equal to Mr. Fixit), and has a broken speech pattern.[137] After Civil War II, her Grey Hulk reappeared[89] due to severe stress brought on by a devastating fight with Thanos[85] and the loss of her cousin Bruce Banner.[88]
  • Jennifer Walters' favorite drink is "Grape Nehi".[110]
  • She-Hulk routinely breaks the "fourth wall" with the use of what she calls "comic awareness."[138]
  • According to the "Baby's First Christmas 1960" ornament at her father's house in Sensational She-Hulk #36, Jen Walters was 32 years old at the time.
  • Walters knows American Sign Language.[8]
  • In her 30th anniversary issue, She-Hulk: Sensational #1, Jennifer brings up fan complaints including the 2008 comic cancellation, Lyra taking her name, her lost team affiliations, and more. Other references from her past issues include Doctor Bob Doom (Sensational She-Hulk #18) and Weezi being the bailiff in her court hearings (Sensational She-Hulk #4-60).
  • Much like Spider-Woman, She-Hulk was created primarily as a trademark effort. The popularity of the '70s "Incredible Hulk" TV series led to Marvel wanting to own the trademark to a female Hulk before someone else could do so and profit from it.[139]
  • Although Savage She-Hulk #1 had a cover date of February 1980, it's Christmas-themed advertising makes clear that it was released late in 1979. Therefore, the She-Hulk is perhaps the last major creation of Stan Lee during his most prolific and critically acclaimed period, the 1960s and '70s.
  • A live-action motion picture for She-Hulk was planned in the late 1980s. Marvel Comics had been interested in producing the film for several years due to the prior success of its 1977 Incredible Hulk film. At the time Marvel Comics did not yet have the self-sustaining finances to generate big budget films for their characters, so they often sought out outside financial backers for various projects. Marvel hired statuesque actress Brigitte Nielsen to pose for photos dressed in She-Hulk garb in order to give potential investors a visual idea of what can be done with the character. Nielsen had previously filmed a movie for Marvel Comics/MGM in 1985 ("Red Sonja") and they felt she was the best candidate for the role. Not finding success with U.S. investors, Marvel took the photos to pitch the idea overseas to find little interest there as well. Alas, the only real interest found were in comic book readers who discovered the photos printed in various magazines at the time.[140]
  • Another live-action She-Hulk project was developed in 1990. Volleyball player Gabrielle Reece would star as Jennifer Walters, with Bill Bixby reprising his role as the Incredible Hulk. A series pilot was never filmed, however, and the plans were eventually cancelled.[141]
  • While going through sessions of psychoactive calisthenics to control her surge in gamma radiation levels, She-Hulk described herself as being an Omega Level threat.[1]
  • The Hulk once fought the Champions so he could get Jennifer to Cedar Sinai Hospital to have her appendix removed after it ruptured while they were stuck in traffic.[142]

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