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In the dystopian future of Earth-9200, She-Hulk, the Hulk, and the Abomination were utterly mutated by the nuclear fallout from a nuclear war making them much more powerful and driving the Hulk mad. The Hulk then took over the world becoming the tyrannical Maestro. Emil and Jennifer (now named Shulk) teamed up against the Maestro but were defeated with Emil losing a hand and an eye and Jennifer locked in a sarcophagus for seven years. After Emil took over Castle Maestro following the Maestro's disappearance, his vizier Kaspin found her sarcophagus and showed it to Emil who placed Shulk in his bedroom, planning to make her his bride.[1]

Shulk woke up to Emil touching her hair. She hit him telling him not to touch her. She then learned that a woman (Betty-6) pregnant with Maestro's child had escaped into the past of reality-616. She knocked out Emil and took Kaspin with her into the past to kill the woman and end Maestro's line. She ended up facing that era's NYPD.[2]

After avoiding the police, Shulk and Kaspin run into Cyberslik who, frightened, tells Shulk where Betty-6 is. She arrived at this era's Abomination's home where she was stopped by Abomination who tells her that Betty-6 was under his protection. Shulk throws him through a window and then beats down two others trying to protect Betty-6. When she enters Betty's room and finds the mother and newborn son, she realized she had become a monster but decided that it was necessary to kill the infant. Before she could though, Kaspin killed her with his mental powers.[3]



Seemingly those of the Jennifer Walters of Earth-616, but to a greater extent.


Seemingly those of the Jennifer Walters of Earth-616.

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