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The She-Hulk of Earth-9997's past mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart. In recent history, the She-Hulk was one of the individuals who were infected by the Hydra creatures created by Norman Osborn as revenge against Nick Fury and SHIELD for their lack of support of Osborn's presidency. She-Hulk's body would become the host of the Queen Hydra, however the circumstances that led to her infection remain unrevealed. Like all who were infected by the Hydra, She-Hulk died the moment she was infected and her soul would end up in the Realm of the Dead.

Hydra Queen host

The Hydra infected body of the She-Hulk would lead the rest of the Hydra army, as they destroyed SHIELD. Following the collapse of SHIELD, the Hydras (She-Hulk's body included) would relocate to New York where they sought to convince others to become a member of their collective. Their presence would be opposed by the Iron Avengers, who were ironically funded by Norman Osborn to be protection in New York. There would be regular sweeps to destroy the Hydra infestation in New York, however none of the efforts to date were able to destroy the Hydras. They would face the arriving army controlled by the Skull who would order the Hydras to be destroyed. However, the Hydras would survive and return to an as yet unrevealed base, the She-Hulk Hydra among their numbers.

When Captain Marvel and Captain America appeared at the Hydra base in hopes of collecting the Quantum Bands owned by Rick Jones (who had also became a Hydra) the two would soon realize that one of the bands was missing and that they lost their portion of the cosmic consciousness that powered them. When Mar-Vell revealed to Cap that those who were became a member of the Hydra would be killed, Cap went berserk and banished all the Hydras, the She-Hulk Hydra included to Limbo with Rom's blaster. The current whereabouts of the Hydra in control of She-Hulk's body is unrevealed.

She-Hulk's soul lived in the Realm of the Dead in a state of perpetual combat with its other inhabitants until she was recruited by Mar-Vell and others in his quest to kill Death and create a Paradise in the Realm. Following the death of Death, She-Hulk would be transported to Paradise where she would be given a chunk of the Cosmic Cube so that she could create her own perfect reality. What this reality is remains unrevealed, and She-Hulk was eventually released from this reality to help turn back the Kree invasion of Paradise. While this battle was won, the She-Hulk's ultimate fate remains unrevealed.



Seemingly those of Jennifer Walters of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Jennifer Walters of Earth-616.

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