Jeremy was part of a gang of bank robbers. One day, when robbing a bank in New York, Jeremy and his gang found themselves under attack from the young superhero team known as Power Pack.

Jeremy was the only member from his gang who managed to escape Power Pack, but immediately afterwards he was captured by the Snark scout Skratt. Skratt, who had been trying to capture Power Pack for some time now, proposed Jeremy that they should team up against the superpowered kids. In return for his help, Skrat gave Jeremy superpowers of his own so he could be a match for Power Pack.

Since Julie had decided to quit Power Pack at the time, Skrat and Jeremy were able to defeat the other 3 members of Power Pack and capture them. The two brought the captured kids to their house in an attempt to lure Julie out of hiding. Julie however managed to free her siblings, after which the four of them lured Skrat and Jeremy into the basement and opened Dr. Power's interdimensional portal. An octopus monster came through the portal and snatched both villains, dragging them into the portal. Neither have been seen since.


Originally, Jeremy was just an ordinary human with no superpowers. However, in order to stand a better chance against Power Pack, Skratt gave Jeremy the power to fire rays of green energy from his hands.

Strength level

Regular human man of his age and size

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