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Quote1.png You are paid to record the actions of Alpha Flight. If one of them so much as sneezes inside these walls, I want video of their tissue hitting the waste bin. Quote2.png
Jeremy Clarke[src]


General Clarke served as Alpha Flight's military liaison officer shortly after they were reinstated by the Canadian government after the Sorcerer Affair. He was soon revealed to be much more as he knew the origin of Wild Child, and the apparent head of the mysterious Department K and their operatives Weapon: PRIME.

General Clarke later served as Department H's head of Super Human D & D (Development and Deployment). He was in charge of Alpha Flight and Epsilon Flight.[1] He reported directly to Director X.

Clarke died during the Zodiac's attack on the Department H facility.



Clarke was a trained soldier. He was also a skilled and devious manipulator who kept Alpha Flight under a tight leash.[2]


  • According to Alpha Flight Vol 2 1 (August, 1997), Jeremy Clarke is not the real name of the General. Nobody except Clarke himself knows his real name, his date of birth, his political affiliation, or his closest blood relative.[3] It is known that he convinced his superiors in the Canadian Parliament that Canada should become a major player in the superhero arms race, but how he managed that is also unknown.[3]
  • Despite Director X being in charge of Department H during Alpha Flight Vol 2, most of the decision-making involving Alpha Flight itself seemed to involve General Clarke. He was seemingly a much more active leadership figure.

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