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Jeremy Ellsden was a hacker who had stolen the complete human resources files of every S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. He was targeted by the Black Cat, who used Doctor Lusk's drones to hunt him down.

On Halloween, Jeremy made a confession and saved in a USB stick, with the intention to give it to the Avenger Hawkeye, who lived near him. When Ellsden went to Hawkeye's apartment, the archer, who was fed up by his neighbors' attitude, ignored him.

When he returned to the sidewalk, Jeremy recognized Deadpool in the crowd of people trick-or-treating, and anonymously gave him the USB stick hidden in a handful of candy. Soon, one of Doctor Lusk's drones got to Jeremy and killed him.

Both Hawkeye and Deadpool attened to the scene of the crime, attracted by gunshots. Ellsden's body was later identified, and Deadpool and Hawkeye then discovered the USB stick and listened to his confession[1] and set out to find the stolen files, which weren't found in his home.[2]

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