Jeremy Lin was a professional basketball player, the first American of Chinese or Taiwanese descent to play in the NBA, and starting point guard for the Brookyln Nets.

While visiting Austin, Texas for a charity basketball game for E.R.F.E.I., Jeremy came across Amadeus Cho showing off in a basketball court. They sparred together until public uproar caused by Lin's presence forced them to leave. They continued bonding over video games at Cho's Olympus Group Secret HQ ATX001, where Lin spent the night, and invited Amadeus to the charity event.

The following day, during the game, that featured superhuman beings like the robot Arch-E-5912 and the Dark Elf Mirka, the court was attacked by robotic dragons. One was destroyed but the other one abducted Arch-E. Lin was also unwittingly captured as he held to Arch-E to try to help him.[1]

Hulk followed the robotic dragon and tried to take it down, only managing to rescue Lin. Because the dragons used designs stolen from Cho, he managed to track down their source, a warehouse where a giant robotic octopus built by Quasi/mo/do was assimilating different types of electronics.

Cho jumped to the action and rescued Arch-E from being assimilated, and unwittingly ruined the only chance his sister Maddy had to make the octopus assimilate the drone Kegger, which contained a code to shut down the octopus. The only possible way to destroy the octopus was now to launch Kegger into a specific exposed area two feet wide.

After tracking down the octo-robot, which had previously teleported away, Lin directed Hulk, Maddy and Arch-E in handling Kegger like a basketball, penetrating the octopus' defenses as if it was a rival basketball team. The heroes eventually got close to the robot's opening, and Arch-E managed to "score" Kegger, successfully activating the code that shut down the octopus.[2]

  • This character is an adaptation of real-life basketball player Jeremy Lin.

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