Early Life

Jeremy Swimming-Bear, a.k.a. the Sea Urchin, is a treasue hunter and salvage expert. Being dubbed the Sea Urchin by the media, he despised the name as it implied he was something that he was not.


The treasure hunter came into conflict with the young Atlantean Namorita after she discovered his crew were sneaking ancient Atlantean artifacts into Staten Island, New York.

Namorita followed the boat for almost ten miles to a large shipping vessel off the coast of Staten Island. The vessel had equipment to catch and salvage from the deep. Sea Urchin attacked Namorita as she in turn attacked the crew on his boat. Sea Urchin released blades from his armor that emitted heat in order to dehydrate Namorita.

The Sea Urchin proceeded to beat the young Atlantean half to death. A police helicopter found Namorita floating in the ocean and took her to the headquarters of Oracle Inc., which was owned and run by her cousin Namor the Sub-Mariner. amorita told Namor about the Sea Urchin's plundering of Atlantean treasures, enraging him.[1]

The Sea Urchin was located three hundred miles off the coast of North Carolina on a vessel. He was then again confronted by Namorita, who had now put on a special Atlantean armor called the Blood-Code Carapace, the donning of which required by custom a fight to the death. A ferocious submarine fight ensued but Namorita proved victorious and returned Sea Urchin to the surface.[2]

She then discovers that an old associate named Michael Shauneghann of Project Earth was working undercover on the vessel and tipped Namorita of Swimming-Bear's pillaging of Atlantis and its relics in the first place. [3]

Deep Six

Sea Urchin is recruited by Attuma to join the Deep Six.[4][5]

Power Grid [8]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Higher speed underwater; Other stats heightened when using armor.


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