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Jericho Drumm was a psychologist and a mystic specialized in voodoo magic.

Jericho Drumm became one of the Ancient One disciples and a member of the Masters of the Mystic Arts.

He was captured alongside his teammates by their former teammate Kaecilius who had turned evil, and used a dimensional rift to summon evil creatures from the Dark Dimension.

Later when the Avengers came to Doctor Strange for help, they freed Drumm and his companions from Kaecilius. After being freed, Drumm joined the Avengers Academy, and fought alongside them against Kaecilius, his Zealots and the demons from the Dark Dimension.

Drumm had the spirit of his death brother possessing him and frequently asked him for counseling on various subjects. He contacted him to see if he could help them uncover the true identity of the master of the Dark Dimenion and anticipate his possible arrival.

Kaecilius was eventually defeated by the heroes, but they weren't able to close the dimensional rift in time to stop Dormammu from materializing into their dimension. Nevertheless due to their plans to anticipate his arrival, Iron Man created a prison cell which was then enhanced with various binding spells from the many sorcerers at the Avengers Academy to make sure Dormammu wasn't able to escape. When he finally manifested himself, the heroes were able defeat him and trap him in the cell.

Doctor Voodoo recruited a team of heroes to defeat an army of zombies led by Doctor Friday.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Jericho Drumm of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Jericho Drumm of Earth-616.




  • Doctor Voodoo was a fan of Haitian Death Metal and also plays guitar.

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