Jerome Lenz was a photographer who was active in the 1950s. He developed a camera that would trap human subjects in a photograph. If those individuals were cut out of the photo they could move and speak, albeit as a small two dimensional version of themselves.

Completing his invention in 1951, he invited Beauty Magazine editor Venus for an interview. He tricked her into allowing him to take a picture of her, thus trapping the Olympian love goddess in a photo. Lenz then cropped her from the photo and locked her in a jewelry box. However, Lenz's plot was foiled by the timely arrival of Venus' employer and lover Whitney Hammond. When Lenz told Hammond that Venus had left, Whit realized the man was lying when he spotted his lover's jacket. Pretending to be interested in Lenz's camera to stall for time. Whitney snapped a photo of Lenz unaware of what would happen. With Lenz's sudden disappearance, Whitney left to get more help.

By this time, Venus had escaped from the jewelry box and found the Lenz photo. She then cropped him out and threatened to cut him to ribbons if he did not restore her to normal. When Lenz informed her that having another picture taken would restore her to normal, Venus then trapped him by pinning Jerome's head in the lid of the jewelry box. Soon after, Whitney returned with Della Mason and they managed to restore Venus to normal. Venus explained what happened and then attempted to use the camera to restore Lenz back to normal as well. However, when she snapped a photo of him with his head still trapped in the jewelry box, Jerome vanished.[1]

What happened to him is still unknown.


When turned into a two dimensional cut out, Jerome could flex and twist his body in any fashion.


Aphrodite Ourania (Earth-616) and Jerome Lenz (Earth-616) from Venus Vol 1 15 0001

The effect of Jerome's camera.

Jerome invented a camera that could turn a living being into a two dimensional cut out of themselves. Those photographed were initially trapped in a photo until they were physically cut out by someone else. Anyone turned into this two dimensional form could be restored to normal if they were photographed by the camera again. However, it appears that they had to be unobstructed by another other object in order for this to happened. When Lenz was photographed with his head caught in a jewelry box, he vanished instead of being restored to normal.

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