Jerry Salteres was an employee of Parker Industries working at the company's chemical plant in Edmond, Oklahoma. He was married to Emma Salteres with whom he had a son named Leo.

Following an explosion at the complex, he became trapped underneath rubble. Spider-Man heeded the call of emergency and managed to rescue all personnel trapped in the flames, including Jerry. However, the mask of Jerry's hazmat suit cracked during the incident, exposing him to gaseous chemicals, heavily damaging his heart and lungs.

With Jerry having barely hours left to live, Peter Parker resorted to New U Technologies and their cutting edge procedures, which used cloning technology to develop new organs, to rescue his life. Jerry apparently survived the procedure with no side effects, however, when Parker approached him, Jerry triggered his Spider-Sense.[1]

Instead of being cured, New U Technologies put the real Jerry in stasis, and created a clone to replace him.[2]

During a camping trip with Emma a few weeks later, Jerry's body began to suffer from cellular degeneration as a consequence of having forgotten to take a post-procedure daily pill prescribed by New U. He was mysteriously taken away by New U and all of his belongings were confiscated.

When Parker paid the Salteres a visit to investigate why did Jerry trigger his Spider-Sense, Emma revealed what had happened to his husband. As Spider-Man, Peter infiltrated the New U Headquarters in an attempt to locate Jerry. Deep below the complex, he found several stasis tubes, with one of them containing nothing but Jerry's eyes and nervous system stripped off the rest of his body, and still alive.[3]

Later, after the defeat of the Jackal, the real Jerry was found in stasis in the deepest section of the Transamerica Pyramid.[2]

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Pill Dependence: In order to avoid cellular degradation, Jerry has to ingest New U Pills daily.[1]

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