Jerzy Astroyevicht was a Slovak who fought for Germany during World War II. He later immigrated to America with his wife Katerina. They settled in Queens, New York and had a son named Arnold. Jerzy changed his name to Jerry Astrovik to make it easier for Americans to pronounce it, a fact which he always resented.

Jerry's son Arnold was always socially awkward, part of that being because he was a homosexual growing up in the 1960s. Jerry beat his son after discovering Arnold with his lover Brad. Arnold chose to live his life in the closet and eventually married a woman named Norma and had a son named Vance who was a mutant. Jerry was for all accounts a bad father, but he was a good grandfather. Arnold shed no tears when his father died. Arnold continued the pattern of abuse his father instilled in him and began beating Vance as a teenager. Vance would later accidentally kill Arnold with his telekinetic powers when Arnold attacked him for which Vance served 9 months in prison.

Vance would later find himself thrown back in time to 1963 where he saw how different his image of his family had always been than what he was raised to believe. Vance would confront his grandfather in the hopes of his father Arnold accepting his self and finally being happy. It's implied that Vance's efforts did not help Arnold at all.[1]



Jerry's son and grandson are Jewish[2] but Jerry fought for the Nazis in World War II. His surname was changed to "Astrovik" so Americans could pronounce it, however, Astrovik is closer to a Slovak surname than the original spelling considering Slovaks would probably have a harder time pronouncing "Astroyevicht" than Americans would.

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