Jerry Dash was a newspaper reporter for the Freetown Star during the 1940s. During his career he had befriended Star newspaper delivery boy Roddy Colt. When Roddy's brother Tom is run over by a hit and run driver, wrecking Roddy's bike, Jerry helped rush the boy to the hospital. Dash then purchased Roddy a brand new bicycle with a two-way radio so that the boy could alert him of news stories so that he could scoop other other local papers. That night, Roddy developed the identity of the Secret Stamp, and went after the mobsters who run over his brother and took them down, radioing Jerry Dash. Jerry arrived on the scene with the police and the scoop of the first adventure of Freetown's new resident hero[1].

For a time, Roddy often called upon Jerry Dash or aided him as the Secret Stamp and provided him with stories as payback for the new bicycle. When the Secret Stamp uncovered that Mr. Lantz was really a Nazi spy seeking to blow up the city's power plant, he tips of Jerry to the story[2]. When Spud Sickles, a rival newspaper boy who delivered papers for the Freetown News, was captured by Nazi spies while imitating the Secret Stamp, Jerry Dash and the Secret Stamp came to the boys rescue[3].

Later, Jerry Dash was contacted by Ella Wright, who was going to provide him with proof that Titus Locke, owner of the Freetown News and local tool factories, was involved in war profiteering and labor smashing, he went on a brief vacation. While he was gone Locke murdered Wright and framed Jerry. When Jerry was arrested, Roddy Colt sought to clear his name as the Secret Stamp. When Jerry's alibi of being on vacation when the murder happened stood up, Locke led a lynch mob to capture Dash and string him up. However, the Secret Stamp arrived and convinced the lynch mob to stand down and presented evidence that proved that Locke himself was guilty of the murder. Locke was arrested and Jerry cleared his name in a court of law[4].

The following day, Jerry had dinner at the Colt family where he bragged to Roddy's father that reporters were better detectives than police officers due to their business need to get ahead of other reporters and scoop other newspapers. When he stumbled upon a Nazi plot to steal fake identities from Mr. Eckermann an employee of the Bureau of Vital Statistics. He mistakenly believed that Eckermann overdose on penicillin instead of being drugged by the crooks. However, he quickly corrected his mistake. The Secret Stamp eventually caught the spy, and decided to keep Jerry's initial incorrect assessment of the crime scene his secret[5].

Following this incident, Jerry Dash no longer interacted with the Secret Stamp, his subsequent activities remain unrecorded.


Jerry is a skilled investigative reporter.


Jerry had a two way radio that connected him to the radio located on a bicycle at that was at one time used by Roddy Colt.

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