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Jersey City is the second most populous city in the U.S. State of New Jersey after Newark. It is the seat of Hudson County, as well as the county's largest city.


After escaping from prison, Kraven ambushed Tigra in his new hideout in an abandoned warehouse on the Jersey City Waterfront, enslaving her with a mnemonic scrambler. He then captured Spider-Man and took him here to fight against Tigra. Spidey managed to break her control collar, and they both turned against Kraven. The hunter then unleashed a stampede of wild, exotic animals left behind a closed safari park, nursed and trained by Kraven to obey his every command. The two heroes eventually scaled the stampede and landed a knockout blow to Kraven, putting the villain down for the count.[1]

An Oscorp building was located across the Hudson River in Jersey City.[2] It was later destroyed during a battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin.[3]

At the Hotel Diplomat in Jersey City, Big Wheel sold a StarkTech component to the Tinkerer.[4] The Tinkerer was later arrested by Iron Man and Spider-Man.[5]

Following Black Bolt's detonation of the Terrigen Bomb and the global spread of the Terrigen Mist, latent Inhuman abilities were activated in Kamala Khan, a Jersey City teenager who took on the identity of Ms. Marvel to defend her home.[6] She rescued local teenagers from being used as living batteries by the Inventor[7] and later worked with the Inhumans to quell rioting citizens driven mad by Lineage's manipulation of the Inhuman Codex.[8]

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