This Jesse Alexander is a clone created by the Chitauri from the DNA of the Nova Jesse Alexander in order to find the Supernova Helmet to exploit its power for their own.[1]

During his mission to befriend the last Nova and Jesse's son, Sam Alexander, the clone became closely attached to the target and his family, and began helping Sam protect the world.[2] After a few missions, Jesse was revealed to be a clone when a blast of fiery breath from a Gigantic Mine Monster deformed his face, but didn't kill him.[3]

The clone ultimately revealed the truth to Sam, because he knew that with his cover blown, the Chitauri would soon dispatch others to finish the job. The pair then defeated the arriving Chitarui soldiers, but were ambushed by another clone while recovering from a fall from the sky following the defeat of the Chitauri.[1] The first clone helped Sam to defeat the second, then set out to stop the Chitauri from sending any future clones, as well as discover the fate of Sam's father.[4]


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