With an election for a new sheriff in Red Dog, Blaze Carson stands to lose his position to the new coming lawyer "Honest" John Danbey. Looking at his election posters, Blaze finds his face familiar but cannot place it. He is confronted by one of the locals who asks what Blaze is going to do about the ground Danbey is making with his speech making. Blaze tells the man that he lets his guns and reputation speak for him. Things become more complicated when a stage coach comes in carrying an unexpected delivery: Blaze's young nephew Pete, whose mother Letty has asked Blaze to take care of him while she is getting over a sickness. Blaze finds that his young nephew as an affinity for art, a love of crayons, and not a high opinion of him being sheriff. However, when Blaze and Peter come across Danbey, the boy expresses his dislike of Danbey, much to his chagrin.

Later in the day, Blaze is shocked when Peter begins drawing on one of his own election posters. Danbey takes this as an opportunity to try and influence the way people vote. Blaze threatens to take Pete's crayons away if he draws on his posters again. Later, Danbey catches the boy drawing on his posters and cries foul, telling Blaze that he is trying to influence the vote, and Carson promises to not let the boy do it again. However, taking a closer look at the changes the boy makes, Blaze believes he has figured out where he has seen Danbey's name before. He goes looking through his wanted posters and realizes that Danbey is really an outlaw named Jesse Douglas. Before he can do anything about it, "Danbey" enters his office and admits who he really is and intends to shoot Blaze to keep it quiet. However, he steps on one of Pete's crayons sending the boy in a rage. He then tosses his box of crayons at the outlaw, hitting him in the head and throwing off his shot.

Blaze is able to incapacitate Douglas by shooting him in the shoulder and apprehends him. Later, Blaze is re-elected by a landslide.[1]

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