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Jesse Drew was born on the Moon to S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Jonathan and Miriam Drew. He followed in his parents' footsteps, joined S.H.I.E.L.D. right after high school, and was eventually sent to renovate the very moonbase he was born in. Jesse and his team got attacked by venomous space spider parasites and only Jesse managed to escape back to Earth. The infection threatened to kill him, but his life was saved by Cindy Moon, who developed an isotope that allegedly stabilized Jesse's condition and granted him Spider-like powers; however, Cindy had lied to Jesse and convinced him that he required regular injections of her isotope in order to survive. Both of them splintered off from S.H.I.E.L.D. and formed S.I.L.K., an international crime organization in which Jesse acted as Cindy's right hand man under the codename Agent 77.[1]

As Agent 77

After Gwen Stacy revealed Cindy's deception to Jesse, he decided to abandon S.I.L.K., taking his wife, Ellen, and their two children on the run in order to avoid Cindy's retribution.[2]



  • Superhuman Strength: Isotope enhancements make Jesse much more stronger compared to an average Human.
  • Wall-Crawling: Although he is not a Spider-Totem, Jesse is able to stick to and crawl on walls and ceilings.[1]
  • Venom Blasts: Jesse's energy projections vary in power can affect the nervous system in humans.[1]



  • Jesse's abilities are not permanent, he requires regular intakes of Radioactive Spider Isotopes to maintain them. He also goes through a mild withdrawal if the interval is extended.[1]

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