The past history of this Jessica Drew is unknown.

She lives in a world where the government passed Operation: Zero Tolerance, an act that saw super-humans eliminated or incarcerated. Prior to the passage of this law, Jessica gained super-human abilities that earned her the name "Spider Woman". She was imprisoned for over eight years. During this time due to either experimentation, or an attempt to restrain her powers Jessica lost her sense of smell and taste as well as the full loss of vision in one of her eyes. This condition would polarize her hatred toward the humans who incarcerated her.

Recently, when the newly formed reality jumping heroes known as the Exiles arrived on Earth-1815, their mission required them to find this realities "greatest leader". They mistakenly believed this to be Charles Xavier, who in this reality was really the world's greatest threat as he had an utter hatred toward humans. After knocking out the Exiles, Xavier gathered a team of terrorist X-Men consisting of super-humans that followed his ideals. Among their numbers was Jessica Drew.

She accompanied the X-Men on their attack of the New York Stock Exchange where they were opposed by members of the Exiles. During the fight, Spider Woman was knocked out by an optic blast fired by the Exiles co-leader Mimic. Shortly thereafter the rest of the X-Men were defeated and Xavier killed in battle. Jessica's fate remains unrevealed.


The exact extent of Jessica Drew's powers on Earth-1815 are unknown. It could be presumed that they are similar to that of her Earth-616 counterpart. She demonstrated the ability to cling to surfaces such as wells, enhanced strength and agility.


Due to manipulation from her captors, Jessica is incapable of tasting, or smelling things. She is also blind in one eye, limiting her depth perception. There are wires that are still attached to her skull and likely penetrate her brain, suggesting their removal could cause permanent damage.

  • In this reality, Jessica Drew is African-American, which sets her apart from the majority of her recorded alternate reality counterparts who are Caucasian.

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