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Along with her son, Gerry, Spider-Woman was among the heroes who survived the cataclysm that scorched the Earth and went underground to escape the lethal radiation, where thanks to their combined powers they and their descendants managed to survive for decades.[1] Using her immunity to radiation, Spider-Woman ventured into the nuclear wasteland looking for resources and survivors. However, she pushed her powers too far and the radiation almost killed her.[2] In 2051 A.D., the survivors still living in an underground facility located under New York City came under attack from mutated radioactive monster who was no match even for their combined powers and had killed several of them.

Jessica Drew (Earth-20368) from Captain Marvel Vol 10 23 001

Lacking any other way to deal with it the survivors, at the great risk to them, managed to contact Captain Marvel who was in deep space and believed that everyone on Earth had died. Overjoyed to find some of her friends and their children still alive, Carol was able to come up with a way for her and the others to defeat and kill the creature. After having a warm reunion and spending time with Jessica, Carol then learned about what prevented the resettling of the Earth's surface and sacrificed herself to save the humanity by restarting the Sun and making the surface habitable again.[1]

By the following year, the survivors had started regaining the surface. They also learned of the existence of other groups of survivors, namely one led by Ove. After Jessica's group came across a time-displaced younger Captain Marvel, plucked from the timeline of Earth-616 due to the machinations of Ove,[3] he sent a mind-controlled Luke Cage to deliver an invite to his haven, New Atlantis.[2] Following Ove's departure to the past and the liberation of New Atlantis, the rest of the survivors moved there. With the younger Captain Marvel still stranded out of her time, Jessica decided to sacrifice herself, providing Magik with her life force energy to power the spell necessary to send Carol back to her timeline.[4]

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