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Jessica never regained her powers after losing them. She got married and had a child, Gerald (or Gerry for short). However, she learned that her radioactive blood caused Gerry to develop a crippling illness. She attempted to use the same genetic treatments her father gave her to save him. As Gerry "incubated" in a genetic accelerator, Jessica's husband blamed her for Gerry's health and divorced her. When Gerry emerged from the genetic accelerator, Jessica found that her son had gained spider-like powers (superhuman strength and agility, as well as the ability to organically produce webs), but still had his disease. Teen-aged Gerry decided to use his powers to become Spider-Man, and had several run-ins with the real Spider-Man's daughter, Spider-Girl. However, it was eventually discovered that he was pushing his body far beyond its limits, and would have eventually burned himself out, had not Jessica contacted Spider-Man, and asked him to convince her son to give up his "career" as Spider-Man. Peter Parker has attempted to find someone capable of finding a cure to Gerry's disease, and apparently succeeded.[citation needed]



Formerly those of the Jessica Drew of Earth-616.

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