Quote1.png I used to be a double-agent, but you can trust me. Or can you? I'm just kidding. You totally can. Quote2.png


Spider-Woman was a Hydra agent spying on Avengers Academy, but would defect and join the Academy.[1]

When she joined the Academy, everyone was still a little doubtful of her not being Hydra anymore, specially Director Nick Fury who kept her actions in check at all times. Wasp also didn't trust her at first after seeing her glide around the campus, but she told her she doesn't have to worry about her secrets because Hydra already knows all about their rivals so she knew everything she needed to know about the Academy students before joining already, Wasp being a gossip lover, used that opportunity to ask her all about the other students' secrets.


Spider-Woman helped Spider-Man when he was trying to clear his name after being incriminated by the Sinister Six.

She helped organize the alternate universe Spider-Man, and Spider-Woman that came into Earth-TRN562 due to Norman Osborn creating multiverse portals, and drawing them in.

When the Green Goblin was defeated, and the Oscorp building blew up, an army of imprisoned Klyntar were freed, and started bonding with human hosts, with the intent of conquering the entire planet. Spider-Woman kept organizing the Spider heroes, saving Spider-Gwen from the Klyntar, and then alongside her started looking for more heroes with Spider powers to help them defeat the Klyntar. [1]

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Seemingly those of the Jessica Drew of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Jessica Drew of Earth-616.


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