Jessica Hobbs was a secretary who worked in New York City during the 1940s. She was originally employed by Jock Jordan, the owner the Pacific Cruise Company. Prior to the United States entry into World War II, the company shipped supplies from the US to Australia. Due to the lack of work, the company was going out of business. By the fall of 1943, Hobbs was one of the last employees working for the company while Jordan wound up the company.

One night, Jordan was murdered by his fellow business partner, a deformed man now calling himself the Kangaroo, who found a chemical means of changing blood into gasoline, causing Jordan to light himself on fire when smoking a cigarette. The bizarre murder caused the authorities to call in the Human Torch and Toro to help investigate. Hobbs became a target of the Kangaroo who attempted to eliminate her when she accidentally locked herself in the office. The Human Torch came to her aid, and both she and Toro clashed with the Kangaroo, ending in the villain's death. Toro expressed jealousy over the Torch's interest in the girl, but it appears that nothing came of this interest.[1]

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