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Quote1 Forget the fact that with both of your broken biologies, mixing your juices and making a baby person is about the most irresponsible thing you two could have done... oh! When this baby came out of you, did you, for just a second... look to see how purple it was? Quote2
-- Dani Jones-Cage

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Synopsis for 1st story

Cage leaps onto Ryker’s Island and demands to speak to the warden; guards open fire on him and only stop when Captain Marvel arrives to talk him down.

Meanwhile inside the safehouse, the mind-controlled Danielle continues to taunt Jessica. He says he wants to talk to her face to face, and then releases control of Danielle. Jessica arranges for Danielle to be taken aboard the orbiting SWORD space station until Purple Man is apprehended. Back on Earth, Jessica and Carol formulate a plan. Luke Cage and Iron Fist fly to Madripoor, as Jessica goes into an abandoned store to meet Killgrave. Killgrave arrives soon thereafter.

Solicit Synopsis


• Killgrave is back.

• He has baby Danielle Cage.

• Dear God.


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