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Quote1.png You babbled on for so long I got over my pathological fear of you. Stop beating around the bush like a dungeon master trying to ask me to prom, Killgrave, and ask me what you came here to ask me. Quote2.png
Jessica Jones

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Synopsis for 1st story

Purple Man prattles on while Jessica remains mostly silent. He says he made her life more interesting by kidnapping and tormenting her. He says she is the person who knows him best, and they can help each other. Suddenly he is shot dead through the heart by Kraven the Hunter, under orders from Carol Danvers and Nick Fury.

Jessica begins beating up his corpse as Carol and Nick Fury arrive to take over. But then Killgrave speaks, telling Jessica he can no longer die. He incites a horde of citizens to get her off of him. He flees the scene but uses multiple people to speak to Jessica, who tries to calm him down and says she is willing to listen to him now, if he’s changed. He says it’s too late for that now, and he has now possessed Carol Danvers.

Solicit Synopsis


• The Purple Man is back -- and he’s wreaking havoc across the Marvel Universe!

• What curious thing does he want from Jessica Jones, and can she escape his horror?

• From the original creators of Jessica Jones comes the most terrifying villain return of the year!

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