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Quote1.png Did you hear me, Jessica? You want me to fix the world? I will fix the world. I just don't know how to do it. Help me, Jessica. Help me make the world better. I will do whatever you say. Quote2.png
Purple Man

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Having taken control of Captain Marvel, Killgrave says Jessica will now sit and listen to him. Jessica tries to fly away, but Killgrave incites a mass riot, forcing ordinary citizens to fight each other. She agrees to talk, but he still refuses to release Carol Danvers’s body (“Sometimes I think my purpleness triggers you”). Jessica reluctantly follows him to her old office, now destroyed. A woman there complains about Jessica, but Killgrave orders the woman to never speak again.

Jessica retrieves a bottle of whiskey and tells him he is a monster. In response, Killgrave says he suspects he may be a god. She says if he were a god, he would recognize that all he does is evil, when he would be the most beloved person on Earth if he used his powers for good. Killgrave is upset by this but recognizes it is true, and releases Carol Danvers.

He confronts Jessica in his own body and Jessica thinks he is about to kill her, when he says he will save the world if Jessica will tell him how.

Solicit Synopsis


• Never in the history of Marvel Comics has a horror so true and all-encompassing found its way to the door of one of our heroes.

• How can Jessica Jones and family survive the return of the Purple Man?

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