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-- Jessica Jones

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Jessica considers Killgrave’s offer to bend the world in the direction of goodness, but hesitates. He realizes she is thinking that that would make her just as corrupt as he is. In Madripoor, Luke senses her confrontation with Killgrave isn’t going well, and despite Iron Fist’s assurances, he demands to be taken back to NYC.

In New York, Jessica and Killgrave have a long conversation about the morality of forcing people to be good. Killgrave says everyone’s morality is only superficial; Jessica says the only thing she wants from him is for her to leave her alone forever. Killgrave apologizes for his previous treatment of her. She still demands that he go, and even implies the best thing he could do is kill himself. He assents to this unspoken demand, and turns to leave.

Suddenly Captain Marvel blasts into the room and grabs him by the throat. He forces her to let him go, and walks out of the building. As they watch from the window above, Killgrave collapses in the street, apparently willing himself to die. Carol says she will throw his dead body into the sun to prevent any resurrections.

Luke Cage returns to find Jessica safe with Dani and she tells him everything that happened. Jessica and Luke are both proud that she confronted her demon face on.

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• The Purple Man has Luke Cage…

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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