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Quote1 Because I am a girl. I'm just trapped in a boy’s body. Quote2
Jessie Drake[src]


Jessie was kidnapped by the Fortress for study, so Professor X sent Wolverine to retrieve her. Wolverine convinced Typhoid Mary to rescue Jessie. She eventually succeeded and they then arrived at a women's shelter. The man-hating Bloody Mary persona fronted and knocked Jessie unconscious when one of the workers at the shelter mistakenly referred to Jessie as a boy.[1]

When Jessie woke up, she went after Mary. Upon finding her, she revealed that she was a trans girl. Mary accepted this, allowing a calmer alter to front, and the two went in for psychiatry together.[2]

Years later, Jessie and Black Cat destroyed the Fortress together.[3]



Empathic Metamorph: Also called an "Unconscious Chameleon",[1] Jessie has the ablility to take on the physical characteristics of those around her.


  • Jessie came out as a transgender girl in Marvel Comics Presents #151 and is the first openly transgender character in the Marvel Universe.

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