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Not much is known about the Jetmen, a unique species that live in the Earth-5391 universe on the planet Denebola. They live in a universe where space exploration and travel boomed on Earth in the late 20th Century. By the year 2075 the Jetmen were ruled by Zurko who came to believe that the people of Earth were monsters and would one day invade their homeworld. To prevent this invasion from happening, Zurko send some of his minions to drop bombs on the planet Earth.

They were detected en rout by Space Sentinel leader Speed Carter and his sidekick Johnny Day. The Space Sentinels forced the Jetmen to surrender and then questioned their mission leader. Learning what their plan is and finding out that the Jetmen do not want to destroy the Earth, Speed helps them satisfy their leader by sending them back with photographs of the Colosseum of Rome, the Grand Canyon, the Athens Acropolis and other ruins to convince Zurko that the Earth had been destroyed[1]

Powers and Abilities


Every member of the Jetmen race had "jet engines" in the place of feet. It is unknown if this was a natural biological capability or artificially created. Either way, they could create jet propulsion that was significant enough to allow them to reach escape velocity and travel interstellar distances.


While the Jetmen were capable of traveling in space unaided, they still appeared to require artificial respiration devices while doing so.


Type of Government


Level of Technology

Unspecified, as the Jetmen could travel in space by their own power. However, they did have access to enough technology to create bombs of unspecified destructive force.



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