Jessica Jones used a costume to become a superhero.


Jessica Jones (Earth-616) from Alias Vol 1 25

The Jewel costume was primarily white with blue details, along with a enormous pink gem on the right side of the waist and matching pink, diamond-shaped earrings. Blue gloves completed the outfit.

In Earth-199999 only, the costume also had a matching blue mask with a gem between the eyes.


Jessica Jones (Earth-616) from The Pulse Vol 1 14 0001

After taking on the Knightress codename, Jessica Jones obtained a new suit to go with it. The body of the suit is mainly black on the sides, with red on both the front and back in the center, while fully black on the legs. Matching red gloves and boots compliment the outfit, and a red sash is tied on the left side of the waist by a gold medallion. A red mask finishes the look.


  • The Jewel costume has a live-action version in an episode of Marvel's Jessica Jones. While Trish Walker is defensive of the costume, Jessica replies that "the only place anyone is wearing that is trick-or-treating, or as part of some kinky role-playing scenario", and that instead of Jewel, "if I wear that thing, you're gonna have to call me 'Cameltoe'."[1]

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