Jezebel was a member of the mysterious Diogenes Initiative with the appearance of a small girl.[1] She first appeared at Mercury Rising, where she approached Ben Reilly's acquaintance June.[3] After June warmed up to Jezebel, mostly because she reminded her of her dead daughter Gracie, the old woman took her to her hotel room.[2] Jezebel later lured June out of her hotel room,[4] and her employers took her.

When Ben Reilly caught notice of June's absence from the casino's gaming hall, he went to her room and stumbled upon Jezebel, who was waiting for him. She told him that June was kidnapped, and informed him that she knew he was the Scarlet Spider. Jezebel then warned Ben about Mephisto's ongoing invasion on Las Vegas, which the Diogenes Initiative knew of thanks to a seer. She ordered Ben to join the fight against Mephisto, or else June was going to suffer. Ben agreed to help, but after Jezebel confirmed that she wasn't really a little kid, he sucker-punched her out of spite.[1]

Not long afterwards, Ben learned of the Diogenes Initiative and visited the house that served as the facade for their underground base. He was received by Jezebel, and he confronted her before her boss, the Angel Gabriel, intervened.[5]

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