Jho and his partner Chipp were two Sparkitects hired by Mojo to use the power of the Sparkitendrils to make interesting the stale life of Howard the Duck, who was the unwitting protagonist of his own reality show, which was secretly filmed by Mojo and broadcast across the galaxy.

When Mojo started blackmailing Chipp and Jho, threatening to reveal their operations to their superiors, the two Sparkitects decided to influence Howard's life and send him right to Mojo, hoping it would stop Mojo and his plans. However, Chipp and Jho realized Mojo was eventually going to find out they were trying to betray him.

The two Sparkitects flew to the Earth in an attempt to intercept Mojo before he could retaliate against them. When they arrived to the scene of Mojo's fight against Howard the Duck, Chipp tried to defuse the situation and convince Mojo to calm down in exchange of trying to talk their bosses into agreeing to make Mojo the protagonist of the next big crossover, but Mojo refused.

The Iron Punisher joined the brawl, having being part of a backup plan put in motion back in Sparkitron in case Mojo didn't give in. The distraction caused by this turn of events gave Chipp the opportunity to run back to his ship, but Howard tackled him, fueled by rage for having being victim of the Sparkitects' manipulation.

Jho escaped alone on his and Chipp's ship after witnessing the destruction caused by the Iron Punisher, which risked the life of Howard's ally Biggs, a character introduced into Howard's life by Chipp and Jho which had been based on Jho's very own cat, Biggs-Prime, claiming that he needed to put an end to this situation.[1]

Jho returned to Sparkitron only to find his supervisor Whil was dismantling his and Chipp's control terminal. However, with the help of Ry-N and his portable version, Jho managed to access his account and bring Howard back to life, who had just been stabbed by Chipp, by manipulating Dr. Strange into making his soul return to his body.

Following Chipp's defeat, Jho was arrested together with him. He decided to give Biggs-Prime to the Iron Punisher so it could take care of him.[2]

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