An eldritch god worshipped long before the Pre-Cataclysmic Age, Jhoatun Lau was said to live in his icy domain[1] beyond the Van Allen Belt.[2] He could only be summoned when Earth was in cosmic alignment with a planet beyond the orbit of Pluto, which only occurred "once a millennium".[1]

Elder Days

The last conjunction happened 113,000 years ago.[3] At that time, a cult worshipping Jhoatun Lau attempted to summon him by filling a massive stone bowl with the blood of warriors, in the hopes that he would take them with him when he returned to his palace among the stars. However, the eldritch god seemingly found his worshippers' sacrifice inadequate and devoured them all before somehow returning back to his domain.[1]

Hyborian Age

Jhoatun Lau's cult persisted into the Hyborian Age, when the City of Sickles was built as a place of worship to the dark god.[1]

Modern Age

In the Modern Age, the City of Sickles, now located in the Savage Land,[1] was used by cultists led by Kulan Gath,[4] a time-displaced evil sorcerer from the Hyborian Age, who sought to summon Jhoatun Lau to Earth. Gath's cult allied themselves with the other magic sects such as Egyptian cultists and the Hand in order to provide a sufficient sacrifice to succeed the rite, gathering exemplary people from all over the world and sacrificing them.[1] With the unwilling assistance of Doctor Voodoo, Logan, and Conan of Cimmeria, Kulan Gath was successful in performing the right and summoned the Marrow God to Earth.[5]

Jhoatun Lau is malevolent and ravenous, devouring even his own worshippers if he deems their sacrifice to be inadequate.[1]


Blood Portal: Jhoatun Lau can only manifest on Earth when that planet is in conjunction with another planet beyond Pluto, and is summoned through a portal of blood drained from the very best specimens humanity has to offer.


Jhoatun Lau has fanged jaws and long claw-like fingernails.

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