Jia-yi was the daughter of a man obsessed with robots, who was cold and distant to his child and pushed her to focus on her studies, which included lessons on Time Travel. She was contacted by a powerful telepath named David Haller, who through a series of clues led her to the location of his cult, where a man told her that she would be known as Switch. Her first conversation with David himself was interrupted by Division 3, who attacked and killed David, forcing Switch to travel back in time and warn him of the danger. Her first attempt to do so had failed and the second one led to an encounter with Amahl Farouk on the Astral Plane. However, Switch was able to escape Farouk and warn David in time for him to teleport his entire compound away from the forces of Division 3 that were on his doorstep.[1]


Time Travel: Switch has the ability to travel through time by opening and walking through portals. The portals led her into a place between time where she can choose how far she wants to go back before walking back into the physical world. Her ability to manipulate such portals also extends to the Astral Plane.[1]


Switch is limited in how far she can travel back in time by the risk of waking the Demon which resides in the space between time.[1]

  • Lauren Tsai portrays Switch on the TV series Legion by FX. This was the first acting role for Tsai, who as an artist previously contributed variant covers to Marvel Comics.
  • Switch's real name, Jia-yi, translates to "plus one".

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