An artificially created monster, which came to life when Steven Caccone's experiment was sabotaged by his jealous, disgruntled wife Janice. The being killed Steven only to be discovered by Caccone's teenage son Ralph and his new friend Frankenstein's Monster[3]. Janice interrupted aghast, admitting her guilt at Steven's death, but her scream startled the monster, who then killed Janice. Ralph attacked the monster and was then hurt. Frankenstein's Monster attacked the monster who had attacked his new friend. The Jigsaw monster escaped to the night of New York City[1].

The Jigsaw monster then tracked Frankenstein's Monster from a safe distance, waiting for a chance to get even on him for having hurted the Jigsaw monster. Jigsaw found Frankenstein being forced into a truck and lost him again. Jigsaw followed the trail and attacked Frankenstein when he was being held in the lair of criminal organization I.C.O.N. for disection. Jigsaw released Frankenstein and wrestled him, wrecking the facility while doing so. Finally, Frankenstein defeated Jigsaw, who apparently fell to the sea and drowned[2].


He can use his tusks and tail in combat.

Strength level

His strength is enough to match Frankenstein's Monster's.

This being is only identified as "Jigsaw monster", "Night-creature" and his other aliases by the narrator, not by any character in the story.

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