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The cousin of the late Gwen Stacy, Jill moved to New York City from Hong Kong with her father and brother, Arthur and Paul. She befriended Peter (Spider-Man) and Mary Jane Parker, taking classes with Mary Jane at Empire State University (ESU). Jill sought to understand the events surrounding Gwen's death - although she began fixated on the idea that Spider-Man was directly involved in her death rather than having tried to stop it - and though hesitant, Peter eventually told Jill his side of the story. Jill was nearly killed when caught in the crossfire during an attack by one of Norman Osborn's men on the Parker's home.

When it appeared that Peter was widowed by a deranged individual known only as the Stalker (who had kidnapped Mary Jane), Jill made romantic advances upon him. She withdrew when Mary Jane was found to be alive.


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  • Jill has been observed by some sources as looking so like Gwen that her dark hair is the only clear 'proof' that someone isn't attempting another cloning experiment of her.

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