The cousin of the late Gwen Stacy, Jill moved to New York City from Hong Kong with her father and brother, Arthur and Paul. She befriended Peter (Spider-Man) and Mary Jane Parker, taking classes with Mary Jane at Empire State University (ESU). Jill sought to understand the events surrounding Gwen's death- although she started out fixated on the idea that Spider-Man was directly involved in the death rather than having tried to stop it- and though hesitant, Peter eventually told Jill his side of the story. Jill was nearly killed when caught in a crossfire during an attack by one of Norman Osborn's men on the Parker's home.

When it appeared that Peter was widowed by a deranged individual known only as the Stalker (who had kidnapped Mary Jane), Jill made romantic advances upon him. She withdrew when Mary Jane was found to be alive.

Power Grid[1]
Energy Projection1
Fighting Skills1

  • Jill has been observed by some sources as looking so like Gwen that her dark hair is the only clear 'proof' that someone isn't attempting another poor-tasted cloning experiment.

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