Jillian Wong is a young woman who, revolted by the attitude of her parents when Doom conquered the United States of America and gave all police powers to the former terrorist known as the Punisher, decided to join his Punishment Police.[1]

She was recruited as an operator and field agent, serving SHIELD's anti-grav mobile base traveling the streets of New York City. During his first mission, Jake Gallows makes her shoot a defenseless would-be murderer, which she did, after a long hesitation.

When Jake Gallows was driven berserk by his former friend Matt Axel, Doom decided to eliminate Gallows and Jillian was shot by Saffron, Doom's liaison in SHIELD. Jillian was then rescued by Gallows.

With her help, the Punisher managed to exit the planet, stealing Axel's escape way for himself. Though Matt Axel warned her that she had made a mistake in saving the Punisher's life, Jillian Wong was very happy to have helped Jake Gallows.



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