The Sub-Mariner is vacationing in a river along the west coast of Canada when he is stuck in the middle of a powerful storm. Finding land to seek cover from the lightning, Namor discovers a dead body hidden in a hollowed out tree that is uncovered by a lightning strike. Examining the body, Namor learns that it is still fresh and that somebody has chopped off the corpse's ring finger. Deciding to investigate the murder, Namor takes the dead man's clothing and goes to a nearby logging camp to get some answers.

Arriving at the camp he learns that the RCMP are investigating the disappearance of camp owner Jim Blake, a big time lumberman who was just recently awarded a government contract controlling the wartime production of TNT being distributed among the other logging companies. The Sub-Mariner's presence at the camp attracts the attention of logger Slug Gundy who attacks him for snooping around. Namor decides to hold back and explains that he is "Joe Pierre" and that he is seeking work and that his clothing was ruined in the storm. Accepted for a job, Slug sends "Joe" to get a change of clothing from the supply house, but is suspicious of this new comer. On his way, he overhears the recently widowed Mrs. Blake give testimony to the RCMP officer on the scene and explains that she just recently gave her husband a twin diamond ring. When Mrs. Blake faints, Namor catches her and notes what her ring looks like. He is convinced that Jim Blake was the dead man he found and that his ring finger was removed to take the twin ring his wife gave him.



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