Mr. Hammond is heading to the printing plant where Beauty Magazine rolls off the presses. Interested, Venus convinces Whitney to allow her to accompany him. When they arrive at the plant, all the workers instantly take notice and become smitten by Venus. When the plant foreman, Jim Brown tries to get his men to snap out of it and go back to work, he too suddenly falls for Venus and accidentally sets the printing press going, running copies of the magazine off like mad.

Hammond protests enough to snap Brown out of his trance and he shuts the machine off. Hammond then drags Venus back to New York before she causes any more trouble. However, when they arrive back at the office they find a telegram from Jim Brown, asking Venus to come by the plant at any time as her appearance there caused his workers to boost their productivity.



  • History Text extracted from the Synopsis for "Venus stops the presses!" in Venus Vol 1 2 edited by Nausiated

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