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Jim Torrence

Jim Torrence was an employee for the Salt Sea Canning Company located in the town of Gull Rock. He was a powerful swimmer and became a confidant to Ezra Hanson, the bitter old lighthouse keeper and his wife Mary. Through the Hansons, Jim had also met Namora who had a great disliking for Jim. In 1948, Jim followed Namora to the Hanson lighthouse where he listened to Ezra complain about how he wished he was rich in his old age instead of being a poor lighthouse keeper. Jim noted Ezra's desire for money and returned to the mainland to inform the mayor and the sheriff. Soon, while on the job at the Salt Sea Canning Company, Jim learned from his employer that the company was expanding and that auditors were coming up to take a look at their books.

Seeking money of his own and having a perfect fall person, Jim developed the identity of the Hood and began terrorizing the area and making petty thefts. Ezra was considered the likely suspect. Later when Ezra had left to go into town, the Hood pretended to be in trouble in the water. When Ezra came to save him the Hood knocked him out and left him tied up on an deserted island. Going into town the Hood then knocked out the night watchman at the canning company and robbed the safe. The Hood then left Ezra's wallet with $300 in it on Ezra's own row boat and then hid out. Meanwhile, Namora found the wallet and Ezra tied up on the island. The Hood soon arrived to free Ezra so he could be blamed for the crime, but he had Namora to contend with and was defeated and quickly unmasked.

When Jim was turned over to the authorities, Ezra was rewarded $500.[1] Jim's subsequent fate is unknown.



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