Kid Slade is called in by governor Anson Clinton to a private meeting with his friend Parker Fenn the president of the Great Western Railroad that is currently building a rail line across the plains. Parker and his secretary Jim Tully explain that the railroad is in trouble due to the fact that they posted a $50,000 bond that the rail construction would reach French Crossing by the end of the month, failure to do so would ruin the company and put it out of business. He explains that the line has been troubled with acts of sabotage, payroll robberies, and rowdy workers getting drunk and fighting. Kid Slade agree to take on the job to be a trouble shooter for the railroad.

Kid uses the fact that his pardon is not well known to his advantage when he pulls into the rail town and goes into the local saloon. His reputation of being an outlaw leads to a fight which catches the attention of King Cabot the owner of the saloon. Cabot invites Slade into his office and offers Kid to join his group that are trying to prevent the railroad from being constructed. The Kid accepts the job and asks who has hired them to do it, but Cabot says it is the biggest stock holder in the Pacific Southwest Railroad. However, soon the rest of the gang comes in and they know about Kid Slade's cover and tell King. With his cover blown, the Kid is quickly subdued and left tied to a chair while the gang goes out to celebrate before killing him. However Kid Slade breaks free and easily subdues the gang while their guard is down. When Parker and Jim Tully arrive at the scene, Kid Slade reveals that Tully was the man who hired King Cabot and his gang, as he was the only other person present in the meeting to know about Kid Slade's double identity. When Tully ties to pull a gun on Slade, the cross-draw wizard is easily able to disarm the elderly Tully and take him into custody. Thanks to Slade, the railroad is completed before the end of the bond deadline.



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