After hearing that Kurt had killed Stephan, Jimaine changed her name to Amanda Sefton and began to date Kurt shortly after he joined the X-Men.[1]

She was kidnapped by Arcade but survived unscathed.[6]

After Margali tried to gain vengeance for Stephan's killing, Jimaine intervened and revealed herself to Kurt as Amanda.[7]

She aided the X-Men in battle numerous times. After an incident with the Beyonder, Nightcrawler broke up with Jimaine and the X-Men went into hiding before the issue could be resolved.[8]

Jimaine also attempted to become Doctor Strange's disciple, leading into her mother having a brief confrontation with the Sorcerer Supreme.[9]

After hearing Kurt had resurfaced as a member of Excalibur, Jimaine traveled to Muir to try and find the team. Jimaine stayed there until the residents were possessed by the Shadow King and after the Muir Island Saga, she retired from super-heroing.[10]

Kurt called her out of retirement to help retrieve Captain Britain from the time stream and she almost managed the feat, having to exchange Rachel for Brian.[11] Kurt and Amanda then traveled to Germany where their mother had been captured by D'Spayre. Jimaine and Kurt saved Margali and Amanda followed him back to Excalibur.[12]

Later, Jimaine convinced Shadowcat to give Magik's Soulsword to her and she gave it to her mother for safekeeping.[13] Margali used it to kill every magician ahead of her on the winding way and Margali joined the London branch of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club as the Red Queen. After defeating Margali, Jimaine vanished from Excalibur without telling anyone. Margali had secretly taken over her body while the true Jimaine was held captive by Belasco.[14][15]

Jimaine eventually freed herself and defeated her mother once again. She realized that someone needed to rule Limbo and took the mantle herself, changing her codename to Magik in tribute to Illyana. She controlled the stepping discs of Limbo as did Belasco, through magic. [16]

The Archenemy arose as an attempt to catalog various magics. Jimaine was tricked by S'ym into gathering the other Lords of the Splinter Realms to combine forces against it. However, using their combined power she was able to send Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) to stop the machine powering it and then destroyed the being with her Soulsword.[17]

Upon learning that various evil powers sought to take the Soulsword Jimaine sent it to Nightcrawler for safe-keeping. Jimaine was attacked by Nightmare, but saved by her mother, Margali. They then went to help Nightcrawler against another demon, Hive. Hive warned the Szardos family that a major war was brewing, and they and the Soulsword were at the center of it all...[18]

Power Grid [19]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


Amanda is a sorceress following the path of the Winding Way, whose power waxes and wanes over time. This grants her powers such as teleportation, illusions casting, shape changing, mystical force bolts, hypnotism, and the manipulation of other magical forces at full disposal.


She formerly wielded the mystical armor and Soulsword of Magik.

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