Jimmy Crain was a brilliant scientist who was active in the 1940's. At some point in his past, he began working with and became close friends with fellow scientist Bob Davis. The two men were in love with a woman named Betty. Unfortunately, one night there was an undisclosed accident that ended up scarring the side of Jimmy's face. Bob blamed himself for the accident, but Jimmy seemingly forgave his friend. However, he secretly became bitterly resentful of his partner, presuming his physical scar lost him the chance to win Betty's heart.

By 1942, the two men had completed a new freezing formula that Bob hoped would make them rich, so that he could marry Betty. He also hoped that Jimmy would use his share of the money to get plastic surgery to repair the damage to his face. Jimmy brushed this notion off, telling his partner that they were only scars. However, deep inside, Jimmy had gone mad and had just completed masterminding a scheme to eliminate his partner.

Jimmy had rigged Bob's car to fill with their freezing formula the moment Bob started up the engine, hoping to kill him. Then with Bob out of the way, Jimmy began pressuring the remaining partners in their company to liquidate their assets, including Betty -- who was distraught by the supposed murder of her boyfriend, a murder that was blamed on the hero Jack Frost who happened to be at the scene at the time.

When one of Jimmy's partners refused to liquidate the company, he had him frozen as well. However, as he dealt with the others, Jack Frost had learned how to thaw out Jimmy's victims without any harm. Sending Bob to get the authorities, Jack Frost clashed with Jimmy, forcing him to reveal his part on Bob's "death". Blinded by ice, Jimmy attempted to kill Jack Frost by releasing a weighted hook; however, Betty warned Jack Frost of the danger. The hook missed Jack Frost and struck Crain in the back of the skull, killing him instantly. Shortly after his death, the authorities arrived to arrest Jimmy's accomplices and reunited Betty with Bob.[1]


Jimmy's primary weapon was a freezing formula he devised with his partner Bob Davis. This compound froze anything in its contact instantly. It appeared to put those frozen into a state of suspended animation which could be reversed under the right conditions. At the time it was used, it appeared that only Jack Frost had the power to restore those frozen by Jimmy Crain's freezing gas.

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