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Jimmy's monsters

Jimmy Rogers was the cartoon editor for Beauty Magazine in the 1950s. On the side, he drew his own comic books primarily in the horror genre. One day in 1951, he somehow managed to cause his drawings to manifest into reality, flooding his apartment with his horror creations. These demons and monsters tormented Jimmy, who had no idea how to stop the creatures or make them go away. Presumably fearing that nobody would believe him, Jimmy told nobody and tried to resume a normal life, but the creatures' torments left him very sleep deprived and he was increasingly edgy and temperamental with his co-workers.

His change in behaviour worried his coworker Venus who took it upon herself to pay a visit to Jimmy at home to see what the problem was. She was shocked by what she found there and defended Jimmy from the torments of his insane creations. She then convinced him to draw a hero that could vanquish the creatures. In doing so, Jimmy's hero was manifested into reality and slew the monsters. In the aftermath of the battle, Jimmy then drew the hero returning to his ink well, and this apparition also disappeared. Jimmy then vowed never to draw another horror story again.[1]

Jimmy's subsequent fate is unknown.


Through some unexplained means, Jimmy was able to bring his drawings to life. These included various creatures, monsters, and a racist African-American caricature. He also created a "Hero" a man of physical perfection that was able to slay all the creatures. Although the creatures were independent of Jimmy, they were subject to his imagination.

It is unexplained if Jimmy's powers were a temporary manifestation or if he still maintained his abilities.


Jimmy Rogers' Hero (Earth-616) from Venus Vol 1 17 0001

Jimmy's Hero

The only weakness Jimmy's powers seemed to have was limited upon his will power and imagination. His monstrous creations tormented and sleep deprived him to the point where he couldn't think straight and thus could not deal with disposing of them.

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