Sabree was a woman of noble birth hailing from the floating city of Bel Amee Anora. Upon coming of age, she inherited the royal title of Jinjav (By Earth standards, a Jinjav is equitable to a princess), and became one of the most highly regarded nobles of the entire city.

Meeting Nightcrawler

Several years ago, the Jinjav was sailing upon the Royal Barge of Bel Amee Anora when a nefarious pirate named Captain Long John McGurk opened fire upon her vessel from his own ship, the T'ai Javinee. Fortunately for the Jinjav, she found an ally in the Earth mutant adventurer, Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler had arrived in this reality by way of a dimensional portal known as the Well at the Center of Time. He had briefly aligned himself with Captain McGurk, until he discovered that the pirate intended on scuttling the Royal Barge.

Nightcrawler turned the T'ai Javinee's weapons against her own crew and saved the Royal Barge from utter destruction. He brought Jinjav Sabree safely back to Bel Amee Anora. Sabree was extremely grateful to Nightcrawler for his heroic efforts, but the royal court mistakenly confused him for a Boggie, and commanded him to leave the Jinjav's presence. This would not be the last time that Sabree found herself in Nightcrawler's company however.

Kidnapped by Shagreen

A short while later, an evil sorcerer known as Shagreen sent some of his disciples to Bel Amee Anora to kidnap Jinjav Sabree. Bringing her back to his fortress at L'un Dun-T'wn, he prepared to sacrifice her to a dark god named Cthuma-Gurath. Nightcrawler arrived along with his dragon companion, Lockheed, and together they managed to rescue the Jinjav from a fate worse than death and return her to her family. While Sabree and Kurt were having a private time in the garden Kurt teammate Kitty Pryde and Illyana Rasputin were trying to brng him back and opened a portal to do so which pulled him away and Jinjav Sabree was left heartbroken.[citation needed]

Strength level

Jinjav Sabree possessed the strength level of a healthy young woman of her race, who engaged in moderate regular exercise.


Royal Barge of Bel Amee Anora

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