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The Jivaro Headhunters were a group of natives that lived in the Mato Grosso state of Brazil. They worshiped their leader Kepiquoatzi. In 1941, they were visited by the Deviant Warlord Kro who was then posing as the Greek God Pluto. He spread the Green Plague, a devastating disease in the region and had the Jivaro headhunters to prevent the humanitarian efforts of the American medic Dr. Clay. The plague also brought doctors Ruth Holden and Ralph Rand. Accompanying the two doctors was the Eternal Makkari who was posing as Harry Cane and operated as the hero known as Hurricane at the time.

The Jivaro attempted to prevent the doctors from administering a cure, and they slew Dr. Clay and shrunk his severed head. Hurricane discovered that Clay created an antidote to the plague while Ruth and Ralph were captured by the headhunters. Hurricane handed them the cure and sent them to safety, then use his powers to destroy the castle which the Jivaro operated out of, seemingly slaying the entire tribe.[1]



The Jivaro had the supplies needed to shrink severed heads.


The Jivaro were armed with spears.

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