Joaquim Vasquez (Earth-928) X-Men 2099 Vol 1 32

Joaquim as a newborn

Joachim's father was a cruel assassin named Alexi Jaeger. Joachim's mother was a degen along with her brother Cesar. Rosa hid away from Alexi within the degen group the Freakshow. Eventually Alexi tracked down Rosa and had intended to force a reconciliation with Rosa so they could all be a family. Alexi aka Glitterspike was stopped by the alien Shadow Dancer.

Later Rosa began seeing Metalhead a member of the X-Men who was living amongst the Freakshow after becoming disfigured. Metalhead helped Rosa through her pregnancy and served as a father figure for her son. Cerebra had let Rosa know during her pregnancy that her child would be a mutant.

Six months after Joachim was born he was kidnapped by Vulcann the Bloodsmith who wanted to shape Joachim into the mutant messiah that had been prophesied. Vulcann aged Joachin too old and Joachim was a powerful telekinetic. Vulcann and Joachim now calling himself the Darkson attacked the X-Men. Vulcann was defeated by a resurrected Skullfire.


Telekinesis, Flight

Alexi called Rosa by the name Rosa Navarro. But when Rosa named Joachim his last name was given as Vasquez.

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