Joan was a very quiet, unobtrusive woman who preferred to keep to herself. She frequently resorted to baking in order to give herself an excuse to see someone or to demonstrate affection. She spoke at a barely audible level, feared the city and did not watch the news because it scared her.[1][2]

During Frank's war against Ma Gnucci, she found him greatly wounded in his apartment while discovering his weapons cache. She and Spacker Dave aid Castle until then.[2]

After Frank left in order for them to be safe, Joan, Dave, and Mr. Bumpo went inside his abandoned apartment and discover stacks of money left there for them.[3]

She used the money to buy a small cottage in the country with a pond where she could feed ducks and a dog, whom she named Frankie, to throw a stick for which was her dream life. Castle stumbled back into her life badly injured and she cared for him as well as helping him set traps to defend her home and kill the criminals after him. Once he had recovered he repaired her home and said goodbye to her.[4]


She is able to capably follow orders and doesn't panic when confronted with a violent situation.[4]

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