Terrorist & Mutant Liberation Front

Joanna Cargill used to part of the Mutant Liberation Front, along with Tempo.[3] She also knew Logan before he got depowered.[4]

Frenzy committed numerous terrorist attacks before she was apprehended and imprisoned at Ryker's Island. While there she was interrogated by Henry Gyrich, who considered her a potential psychopath, without being able to confirm his diagnosis.[1]

She escaped when she derailed the train carrying her to Alcatraz Island, killing nineteen people (most of whom were civilian passengers in other coaches, not law enforcement officers) during her escape from custody.[1]

Fortress X

Frenzy was later able to find refuge in Magneto's stronghold, Fortress X, and fell in love with Basilisk, whom she later married.[2]

There, she fought the troops of the Human Coalition day after day, protecting Fortress X from the human siege.

She was seen trying to have Logan pop his claws again, unaware of his disability and thinking him a coward,[3] having once him as a great warrior.[4]


After the end of the Age of X, her memories were kept by Joanna Cargill, including her feelings for Basilisk. This made the real Frenzy act more heroically, seeking the respect and love she had in Fortress X.[5]


Same as those of Joanna Cargill (Earth-616)#Powers.

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